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41 Dylan Keith

He's one of the hottest characters in inazuma eleven
He's cute, funny, fabulous
He's best mark Kruger friend

42 Kageyama Reiji
43 Tori Vanguard

Amazing girl! Epic tomboy! We share the same personality.
"I wanna stay with Raimon! Mark and the others are gonna beat them and I feel like they're the only ones doing anything at all! "

44 Sam Kincaid
45 Domon Asuka
46 Suzuno Fuusuke

No doubt, best and coolest player ever. Awesome hair and swag style, come on! Vote for him!

He is really cool, my fave character!

Oh god, he is ssoo col


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47 Endou Daisuke

Gan Shan dwan!
Man can Han ban LAN pan ran xan zan tan yan wan van dan fan Han Ian jan Kan nan quan san

48 Clark Wonderbot

Such a funny bear - yasirzxzxzx

49 Dave Quagmire (Saginuma Osamu)

Big scary tall black Epsilon...

50 Zel (Zeke) Valanche

In Epsilon, he's cool and a great striker and keeper. Swaps position with Dave/Saginuma when he becomes forward.

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