Top 10 Best Inbetweeners Episodes

Last night the Inbetweeners ended. It was sad but absolutely hilarious because they never gave in to an emotional ending. It just got you sad without it having to be sad. However it was a laugh riot, and so was all of it.

Here is the list of the best Inbetweeners episodes. Feel free to add some extra episodes if you want.
The Top Ten
1 Bunk Off

Every moment is funny. Isn't it ironic how the first episode in its series is #1 on this list? This is #2 on this list like it's the second episode in its series and the same with Thorpe Park and the night out in London

Simon's Dad: Your've had an eventful day bunking off school, buying alchol illegally, defacing carly's drive and insulting Neil's dad, have I missed anything? "
Will: We also hit a spastic with a frispy

Every moment of this episode is hilarious. My favourite by far. 'Well that, was dreadful.'

My favorite, every part is hilarious. I love this series...

R.I.P Inbetweeners thanks god there will be a movie.

2 The Field Trip

"You just punched a fish to death".

The field trip has to be the funniest episode. It turned the inbetweeners into
something completely different. More funnier and more intelligent. This is the
one that changed the show in a good way.

That bit on the coach where Jay swears at the Old ladies

"Party hmm, cool that sounds"

Feisty one you are

3 Home Alone

Best episode by far, when they were all hiding in wills house I was pissing myself

Absolutely amazing, from the daffodils to Will breaking 'Mrs Spriggetts' nose, the whole episode was hilarious 😂

4 The Camping Trip

The final episode might of not been the most highly loved episode but the atmosphere of it all is fantastic. One of the final scenes in the tent is really sad
even though it was completely gross. Its sad because it's the finale of a really
great series. R.I.P Inbetweeners.

The puking scene in the tent was pure gold!

Best one by far I would say

5 The Duke of Edinburgh Awards

... The scene where Will asks Simon to have a look at his "bald old fella" is my absolutely favourite scene of all

6 Will's Birthday

Patrice makes the episode

Cock in the back of a van

Funny amazing espically when the girls ecuse them of being pedos

7 Caravan Club

Best ep by far

" I'll distract fatty bum-bum with the buffet" and "Spread 'em, I'll be there in half an hour" ahahaahahaah, couldn't stop laughing

8 The Gig and the Girlfriend

"I'm not trying to be dramatic, but I think I might be dead. " this is just in general the best one because of its ability to make all 4 of them seem... Virginal when it comes to drugs, especially will. Will's the funniest by far in this episode!

Hanging out by some bins, near a skip, in the cold, doing drugs, oh its very cool, very cool indeed

So funny when they smoke the pot.

9 A Night Out In London

Absolutely hilarious and brilliant episode with so many funny bits in it

"BUS WANKERS" love them inbetweeners


10 Thorpe Park

The disabled smash up his car haha

The Contenders
11 The Fashion Show

THIS is the way to start a series

Nearly kiled myself laughing. His ball hanging out

Great episode

12 Exam Times

Mr. Gilbert- Phil! I need the bathroom!

Hilarious! Always laugh!
RIP inbetweeners, you are my boys

13 Work Experience

The garage scene where Will obliviously insults the working-class mechanics there is one of the funniest scenes in T.V. history!

14 Trip To Warwick

Neil pissing the bed. Simon punching his flaccid cock. Gold.

To me, this is the most cringe-full episode.

Simon can't get it hard

This for me is the best and funniest episode of The Inbetweeners followed by 'A Night Out in London' both hilarious episodes :D

15 First Day
16 Xmas Party

I loved this episode, for once they actually have a good night (kind of).

Amazing end to the first series

17 Will's Dilemma

Not the best episode in the series it has to be said but it's still funny

I find some scenes funny but I hate the ending so much

18 Girlfriend
19 This Is Bs
20 Pilot
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