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1 Drive Drive Cover Art

I love Incubus! And this song is amazing it moves me ( the lyrics) brandon boyd is so inspiring his songs and artwork. And the whole band isn't bigheaded which is good cause if they let the fame get to them they wouldn't of made such an impact on their fans and wouldn't still be in the business.

I am reading "7 habits of successful people" at the moment. Living a proactive lifestyle is one of the habits described in this book. When I read this passage in the book I this song came into my mind. Since it reminds of living a proactive rather than reactive life.

This must be the no. 1 because the meaning of this songs inspires anyone who listening to it.. just what ever happens, I'll be here.. =)


"Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
with open arms and open eyes, Yeah
Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there.. I'll be there. "

The Song is from my favorite childhood movie, surf's up. Every time I hear it I think of that movie, and it's a good feeling. Besides that, the song has amazing vocals with a beautiful chorus and incredible lyrics. Its definitely one of my favorites.

2 The Warmth The Warmth Cover Art

This song should be #1. Whenever I'm feeling down this is my go-to song, reminds you that no matter what card you're dealt, no mater what horrible people you deal with (whether it's a crappy girlfriend, co-workers, or like me in the military, superiors) there's always a brighter side.

There isn't an Incubus song that is more perfectly written than this one. It's whole purpose is to reassure everyone that is going through anything that everything will be okay. Plus it is Musically Perfect... Along with the whole cd.

It's hard to pick a favorite Incubus song, but one day this came on and I couldn't help but admire everything about it. Musically, lyrically, it's just perfect to me.

How is this not on the list?! The lyrics have so much meaning that everyone just chooses to ignore. The whale like sounds that the DJ put in just create so much atmosphere.

3 Pardon Me Pardon Me Cover Art

When I first listened to this, I pissed when I realized how good it was and how it pierced my heart. I love how unique this song is; the perfect song to listen to when you're fed up with the world and ready to give up and start again.

... This song is so dope! Seriously... So dope, did I say that already? Maybe I'm on dope myself.

Such a dope song, best chorus I've ever heard, my number one for sure

Great song, love the grunge elements

4 Dig Dig Cover Art

Possibly my favorite lyrics and guitar tone out of their work, very important message and makes you think. Also I get nostalgia because of lego rock band.

Just a wonderful song that makes you think about your own life, as well as those that you love around you. We all need to dig within ourselves to make this world safe for our children and future generations. The video to this song is a creative masterpiece.

Seriously are you kidding me? The only reason I'm voting for this song is because it is somehow ranked third on November 26th, 2012. If You haven't heard this song you're missing out it is one of they're best and has a lot of meaning. Not my favorite but come on now

A great message: When we care about someone we know when they are not themselves and we help them uncover "what is covering the better parts of them. " We see what is best in people. We should bring out what's best in people we love.

5 Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here Cover Art

I love the lyrics in this song, I mean come on: "The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket... I lean against the wind, pretend that I am weightless and in this moment I am happy". The whole rhythm of the song goes well and this deserves to be a top 10 songs in my opinion.

This should have been number 1... The lyrics hits the heart of every man who is not successful with love...

This song is really cool, I don't why it is on 24th. Should be inside the top 10 songs by it's lyrics

Oh.. This song is underrated and that's a sure thing very uplifting song 4 me

6 Stellar Stellar Cover Art

We all know that Drive is only number 1 because its popular. Still a good song, but Stellar deserves the #1 spot.

I think all of incubus' song are really great and they just make song that wow everyone.

This song is amazing! Just the guitar riff alone makes this song great

If you close your eyes this song will take you somewhere else!

7 A Certain Shade of Green A Certain Shade of Green Cover Art

This song is a about how we just waste our time not thinking about whats gonna happen in the future, and about stoners eg. ME.

I love both the original and acoustic version of this song. It isn't about stoners either.

This song is so catchy, and it's a stoner reference haha

8 Megalomaniac Megalomaniac Cover Art

It was so hard to decide which song is the best, because I love almost every song of them. But this song means something special for me and live it's a blast

High energy song that'll never get old.
Lyrically and sonically explosive!
This is what made me love Incubus.

best incubus song I've heard.
the video was only shown at night at MTV.. so if you haven't seen it, go check it out.

9 Love Hurts Love Hurts Cover Art

Again only took a few listens for me to appreciate the song. the guitar line is top notch and even though is a little poppy, its still good.

What can I say besides that this song is amazing? It is simply powerful, and the best song to listen to if you are going through heartbreak. This song easily rivals with heartbreak classics like Creep by STP and Black by

Great intro, addictive guitar work. Simple but effective. Soothing vocals. Feelsy song. Soulful bass. Overall this is a must listen for incubus fans.

Incredible song. The lyrics are deep, the melody is catchy, and I just can't stop listening

10 Anna Molly Anna Molly Cover Art

Upon first listen, it calls for your attention with fast strumming and sixteenth notes. As the song progresses, the play on words in the title starts to make more sense. Amazing song.

Aw man. This song is amazing. At first play, I thought the song was interesting. But I stopped listening to it for awhile. I heard it again and played it a few more times and it just gets better and better each time.

One of the most unique and well-constructed Incubus songs out there.

Amazing song, had to listen to it twice, but eversince I listened to it continuously

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11 Make Yourself Make Yourself Cover Art

This list is ridiculous all the best incubus songs are not the most popular ones a everyone else seems to think. The near ones see the older ones! Give me some S.C.I.E.N.C. E and make yourself!

Lyrics and song as a whole are very relatable and inspirational. Should have been a single.

Come on how is this noth on the list, this is my first real incubus song. By real I mean non-single song

The lyrics of this song are very important. The message appliyes to me directly

12 New Skin New Skin Cover Art

I like this song because it's a little harder than their other stuff. I wish they would make more albums like this with songs like vitamin and glass. The soft stuff gets old sometimes.

A great song in my opinion. Has the funk elements from their first album and a great chorus

This song is LIT what is wrong with you people it needs to be top -0 immediately

Before they were influenced by their record company

13 Vitamin Vitamin Cover Art

This is an underrated gem off of SCIENCE. I love this song and New Skin but this one to me is a better song overall.

Vitamin and New Skin are my favorite incubus songs. S.C.I.E.N.C. E and Make Yourself are their best albums.

This is the real of incubus

14 Nice to Know You Nice to Know You Cover Art

Best song on the album, with such a brutal riff. I head bang harder to this song than a good portion of the metal I listen to. It should at least be on the top 10, definitely more deserving than some of the mainstream stuff on make yourself

Cool song deserves to be much higher, cathy riff catchy chorus 'Goodbye, nice to know you nice to know you! ' my personal favourite

How is this not top 10? One of their biggest hits and reminiscent of stuff from "SCIENCE". Awesome song, should be at least top 5

Why isn't this song higher? It deserves to be top 10 in my opinion, one of their best

15 Deep Inside Deep Inside Cover Art

Perfect mix of rhythm, groove, energy and explosion! Surely Einziger's best work. Vocals during the dirty portions is revolutionary, a totally new sound! I think this will be every guitarist's favorite incubus song.

C00oest song I've ever heard. The genre swings in this song are just incredible, and the vibes you get from listening are amazing

Good solo! 1 of the few they did... like it so much

I love the guitar work on this one

16 Sick Sad Little World Sick Sad Little World Cover Art

THIS ONE! This one should be number 1. Come on! Best song, best guitar solo, best drums, and the lyrics are just too great. Plus, playing it on the guitar is great.

Thia song is that one song in which you wait for the instrumental, get mesmerised and lost into another dimension, then thrown back to reality. This one, is a complete joyride.

The live version of this smog with Tom Morello is incredible.

The instrumental is very complex and wonderful technics.

17 Just a Phase Just a Phase Cover Art

Out of nowhere, a situation, a person, a word can stir you up, touching a weak nerve you thought nothing of...
Or you just experience a bad period in life.

Whatever is shaking me up, I always come back to the song which holds the essence of buddhism: "It's just a phase." The only certainty in life is uncertainty. Nothing lasts forever.
Not even this song.

DJ Kilmore bringing in the waves really fits perfectly to the theme, as no wave is eternal and also fades away fairly fast. For me, the whole song reflects tranquility and the equanimity presented by the ocean. Even though there is a storm at the end (The breakdown), there is always peace right beneath the surface.

This song's amazing. There is so much buildup, change in the beat, change in pace. Overall, this song is their best.

Holy crap this song makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up is so good!

What a powerful song. The buildup is crazy!

18 Monuments and Melodies Monuments and Melodies Cover Art

Best incubus song, but pretty much no one knows it. The simplicity of Brandon's vocals has an inner beauty to it that shows off his talent as a mature vocalist. Absolutely lovely guitar work in it as well.

This song... every time I hear it I get stuck on all my failed relationships... his voice is so damn haunting in this one.

If you love this song then you should definitely love If Not Now When?

Best song by them. Listen to it.

19 Adolescents Adolescents Cover Art

Come on Guys - Listen to it and you will see that it belongs in the top 10, if not the top 5!

This is the BEST song of Incubus, without any second though whatsoever

20 Warning Warning Cover Art

This song is so beautifully perfect. The meaning behind this song is so deep and the music video enhances the meaning in such a good way. This song, Vitamin and Megalomaniac are my favourites

I absolutely love the catchy melody and meaning behind this song. It has always stuck out to me as one of their best songs!

I can't even explain it. It just has that certain effect on me. Not only that, but it's on one of their best albums.

Awesome song.
Great melody, cool music video as well.
Give it a listen sometime.

21 Are You In? Are You In? Cover Art

From my top 20 Incubus songs, this is in the top 10 easily. This top 10 list is weird because most of my top 20 are in this top 20, except for 6 that are WAY out. This is one of their best though

Such a fantastic groove and feel! Brandon is an awesome vocalist and Jose is such an underrated drummer! Top 10 no doubt!

This song is amazing! How it is so far down the list is mind-boggling. It is in my Top 3 easily.

Great mood! Great lyrics! This song really should be higher

22 Here in My Room Here in My Room Cover Art

Not an Incubus fan, but this chills the spine

The piano melody though...

This song is sick

I love this song! It should at least make in the top ten

23 Punch Drunk Punch Drunk Cover Art
24 Redefine Redefine Cover Art

Hardcore awesome earlier song by Incubus off the SCIENCE album. If you haven't listened to it yet, I would definitely check it out

SCIENCE and Make Yourself was Incubus at their best. Hardcore riffs on the album and straight up awesomeness.

Oh hell yeah, this song pumps me up! Especially those turntables man

25 Aqueous Transmission Aqueous Transmission Cover Art

I have no clue why but this might be my favorite Incubus song. I love the vocals and the progressive feel of the entire song. Also, It is a great way to end Morning View.

The most relaxing song I have heard. Absolutely beautiful. Give it a listen, it will move into your top 3 without a doubt, my personal favourite.

This is the best song from Incubus! It is so relaxing and the lute sounds absolutely amazing

So relaxing and chill... Just lay there and listen to it, and think about anything at all.

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