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21 Punch Drunk Punch Drunk V 1 Comment
22 Here In My Room Here In My Room

Have to admit I'm not a huge fan, (I'm pretty old) but I love this song at full volume in my car going to work, I have honestly not heard anything like it

This song is sick

I love this song! It should at least make in the top ten

23 Aqueous Transmission Aqueous Transmission

The most relaxing song I have heard. Absolutely beautiful. Give it a listen, it will move into your top 3 without a doubt, my personal favourite.

I have no clue why but this might be my favorite Incubus song. I love the vocals and the progressive feel of the entire song. Also, It is a great way to end Morning View.

This is the best song from Incubus! It is so relaxing and the lute sounds absolutely amazing

I'm not a huge Incubus fan, but this is one of the most chill songs I have ever heard - ryanrimmel

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24 I Miss You I Miss You

I love this song, Its like my favorite... Just awesome!

Yeah! I agree those songs there aren't even that greater than this!

One of the best songs I've heard in a while. Love incubus!

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25 Promises, Promises Promises, Promises

The best song on an album that I really didn't enjoy too much at first, but after listening to it a few times, it might possibly be my favorite.

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26 Redefine Redefine

Hardcore awesome earlier song by Incubus off the SCIENCE album. If you haven't listened to it yet, I would definitely check it out

SCIENCE and Make Yourself was Incubus at their best. Hardcore riffs on the album and straight up awesomeness.

Oh hell yeah, this song pumps me up! Especially those turntables man - Dorito

27 Privilege Privilege

Understated. Great message. Find yourself a back door. Now I am trying to reach minimum quality, and now its green!

28 Mexico Mexico

Why is this so low

29 When It Comes When It Comes

How is this has one of the sickest scratches Incubus had. Not to mention on their best album. Such a great tune to just rock out to and enjoy the day. Bad ass riff too, my personal favorite. The Warmth is also their best.

30 Echo Echo

Beautifully written, even more so sang, the instrumentals are brilliant, simple yet such a deep meaning. A once in a lifetime song that I hope to share with my kids as history of musical brilliance like my folks shared the The Beatles. My absolute favorite go to song for every emotion.

The layering of this song is perfect. An amazing riff, but only a truly talented drummer like Jose could hear what the drums should be. Imagine if just one of the instruments were played differently, the song would collapse. It's perfection caught

One of the best love songs ever...

"there's something about the way you move
I see your mouth in slow motion when you sing
Like suddenly something someone contrives
Your movements echo that I have seen the real thing"

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31 Made for TV Movie Made for TV Movie

This song made me love incubus more

32 Look Alive Look Alive

This is one of 4 or 5 songs I've ever heard that I consider every note to be perfect.

33 Blood On the Ground Blood On the Ground

Suprised I actually had to add this one to the list. This song rocks hard!

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34 Out From Under Out From Under

UNDERRATED! Take a listen, it's great.

35 Consequences Consequences

The title of this song is wrong. Its "Consequence". - bkweigel

36 Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)

This song is amazing, the vocals, the sax, everything. I don't know how this song wasn't even listed. It's a favorite song of mine from Incubus.

This song is amazing how is it not top ten. Definitely a song that gets forgotten about too often.

My favorite song in science... it has good meaning, good sax solo... I like also the acoustic version

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37 Circles Circles

How is this not even on the list? So much energy in this song and a badass guitar rift.

This is a good ass song, how is it not higher?

Killer riff and killer song all around.

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38 Rogues Rogues

Honestly this song should definitely be in the top ten. The guitar part in this song is really amazing and gives the song and uplifting feel to it. Which is one reason why I like it so much!

39 Under My Umbrella Under My Umbrella

HOW is this not in the top 10? EASILY in my top 5. The driving melody, Brandon's vocals at their absolute most raw, with some solid lyrics thrown in for good measure. Just 'because it's the last track from the album, could it be overlooked? GO LISTEN TO THIS SONG NOW!

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40 Beware! Criminal Beware! Criminal

This song has a lot of Nirvana in it, combined with a soft treble riff and Brandon's wonderful voice. Give it a try, you'll understand why it truly does deserve a place amongst the top 10 Incubus songs.

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