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41 Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)

This song is amazing, the vocals, the sax, everything. I don't know how this song wasn't even listed. It's a favorite song of mine from Incubus.

This song is amazing how is it not top ten. Definitely a song that gets forgotten about too often.

My favorite song in science... it has good meaning, good sax solo... I like also the acoustic version

Yes. That's all I have too say

42 Beware! Criminal

This song has a lot of Nirvana in it, combined with a soft treble riff and Brandon's wonderful voice. Give it a try, you'll understand why it truly does deserve a place amongst the top 10 Incubus songs.

43 In the Company of Wolves

This is by far my favourite song from them. I find it disappointing that it is also one of the least appreciated. Maybe it never got enough promotion. It gives me chills from start to finish. There's something captivating about the lyrics. Maybe I find some symbolic meaning in it, while other people simply disregard the simple rhythm and "church music" intro.

This song should be the number 1 so far for me is the best song of the band.
No doubt for me it has a great meaning, it is a beautiful song with very good rhythm, and I just still can not believe it's like the number 45... This is absurd, I like all their songs, until today they never let me down, but that vote disappoint me a lot.
No doubt this was one of the worst nonsense I have ever seen, ridiculous.

44 Loneliest
45 Light Grenades
46 Rogues

Honestly this song should definitely be in the top ten. The guitar part in this song is really amazing and gives the song and uplifting feel to it. Which is one reason why I like it so much!

47 Oil and Water

This is one of the few songs that calms me down when I get a panic attack, therefore it will always be one of their best songs to me.

I'm passive aggressively upset Oil and Water isn't even on here. My favorite song of theirs is Dig followed closely by warmth and love hurts, however, why in the f@-$:$:@/@/! :) is this song not on here? We have failed the beauty of this song, which is easily in their top 7

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48 Admiration
49 Take Me to Your Leader
50 Psychopsilocybin

If only incubus made this style music sometimes still

Great song from a once great band. New stuff sucks

Funkiest song ever from Incubus from their most overlooked album, Fungus Amongus.

51 Southern Girl

Talks about that woman that everybody should know someday, who breaks all your ideals of the "mainstream perfect girl", creating a beautiful image in your mind of the truly perfect one. Brandon always fabolous with his lyrics.

What is this?
Where's Southern Girl?
It has to be in the top three...

The lyrics in this are just pure art

52 Black Heart Inertia

I absolutely dig this song!

53 Agoraphobia
54 Glass

Has a big primus-ish guitar riff. Should be in the top 15 AT LEAST.

55 Absolution Calling

One of their best songs in a while.

56 Nowhere Fast
57 A Crow Left of the Murder
58 Isadore
59 Surface to Air

I was raised by my grandmother & she passed away the day after I heard the studio version and could understand the lyrics. Out of order, but;'Never knew until you, silence cam be so sonorous indeed' 'is there anyone out there' 'suffering is a theme, but reckoning is the only reason why we suffer at all'... This song literally made me believe in God. I still get chocked up hearing it.. Knowing someone is out there...

60 While All the Vultures Feed
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