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61 Switchblade

Don't you guys love the lyrics? Light like a feather.. Bright like a dying star.

62 If Not Now, When?

This song is AMAZING! It is super chill and relaxing while it also demonstrates Brandon's spectacular range. The message is clear, to take advantage of opportunities you get when you get them because you do not know if you will ever get them again. This is by far my favorite incubus song.

Good song sounds better live brandon voice is awesome one of the best bands out there the lyrics are never the same or get boring or get old

63 Version
64 The Original

I've known Incubus a long time and just started trying out a lot of song that don't get as much attention... Knowing just how wide this bands range is and taking in all the sounds as a whole, there's something really beautiful and unique about this song from start to finish and I'm really surprised it didn't make top 25, let alone make the list at all! More songs like this would be a great direction for Incubus to try some more of.

65 Idiot Box
66 Favorite Things
67 Pistola

Very underrated song. Excellent solo and vocal work.

68 Azwethinkweiz

This is the roots of Incubus. Crazy, nonsensical funk rock. - JamaicanBambi

Love this funky song. Old incubus =good... new incubus = radio crap

69 Crowded Elevator

This is musically the best incubus song. It is a wonder that it never made it onto the album Make Yourself. it messes with time signatures, and though it is written in E minor, the major chord floats about the verses giving the song a very edgy and funky feel to it. Brandon holds out those add 9 notes like a pro. It is a powerful and very melodic song and it is the most musically apt song by Incubus. - bkweigel

Great riff, powerful chorus, and the rhythm/timing throughout the song is amazing

Heard for the first time on a Scream 3 soundtrack CD. First Incubus song!

70 Talk Shows on Mute

One of the coolest song names I have ever heard and one of the only slow songs I can stand listening to, amazing chorus, cool riffs, the electronic sounds this song has it all

Strange how this is not in top 20. Loving this song.

Should be at least in the first 20, great song

71 Thieves
72 Hilikus V 1 Comment
73 Quicksand

I love how this song only has a few lines of lyrics, but so much meaning into those few lines. Plus, the song just down right sounds really cool on its own

74 Familiar
75 Medium
76 Diamonds and Coal
77 Calgone

When incubus were actually fun. Great crazy song.

The last good album from this band

78 Leech

I don't know how this wasn't even on the list. Easily one of the best along with Pistola

79 Battlestar Scratchalactica
80 Zee Deveel
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