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41 Coimbatore

Yesterday's City, Today's Destination, Tomorrow's Metro
The best non-metro of India...
Sprawling city known for its best climate(25-32Celsius)
Tastiest Drinking water in Asia(siruvani)
Clean roads and greener environment
The Best... Come and Visit.

It is the best city in India... I have lived here 19 years and this is 20th.. Every Facilities are available.. The best ever city which I have seen ever in my life... love you Coimbatore

Good climate and good culture

It's best city of tamil nadu

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42 Raipur

Really great place to live. Peace, tranquility and the good life, that's all one needs. The people are really hospitable, there are great places to eat and really nice places nearby to visit.

Naya Raipur is 4th planned city of India... And it is the most beautiful city of India

It's a good city to live with every facilities

43 Tiruchirappalli

Trichy is constantly bagging the cleanest city for years and we are lucky to live here in the banks of river Cauvery...please visit us and you will feel it...

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44 Vijayawada

Hey! Why do you forgotten this good city

Beautiful and untapped city. Business capital of Andhra Pradesh. And sister city of Andhra Pradesh capital. Highly developed. A lot of unseen tourist places await you on this magnificent city. Proud to be a vijayi.

Cultural business centre. Of late. It has become education centre.H. igh percentage of educated y outh working abroad and earning huge foreign exchange. Can be rated as Venice of India.

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45 Varanasi

Awesome city to live in. The aura of Varanasi is completely magical

This city is really cool... But the only problem is those road... But ab modi sarkar aa gai hai na toh kuch improvement ho ga... ;-P

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46 Noida

India's Best Place To Live In

47 Warangal

Warangal is the best city in telangana after hyderabad... It is ruled by kakatiyas in past centurys... It is most beautiful city in India

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48 Jodhpur

One of the city in India

Most beautiful and offcourse peaceful

Gateway to the great thar (desert).
One of the top majar educational center in India.

49 Vellore

It's a beautiful city

50 Srinagar


It is most beautiful place in world

If Paradise on earth that is Kashmir

51 Chapra
52 Kota

Kota is known for its education and nuclear power station

Best city in the WORLD


53 Kakinada

Most planned city in south India after chennai,pensioners paradise like banglore,pune

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54 Kanpur

Life sahi hai tension nahi hai...
If some one want to see and feel the living standard of late 70's with no rush and peace the try outskirts of Kanpur, specially BITHORE. A holy place at the bank of river ganga.

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55 Ranchi V 1 Comment
56 Jalandhar
57 Siliguri

A vibrant city near the Darjeeling Hills. The city offers fantastic shopping opportunities with several large shopping malls as well as traditional street markets. Located near the borders of Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim, the city has a cosmopolitan feel and is very safe. In addition, the residents are known to be friendly and liberal minded. Siliguri also has a lively music scene and is home to several large Buddhist monasteries. Siliguri-Bagdogra Airport is an international facility, with flights to many parts of India as well as to Thailand and Bhutan.

Great city, too beautiful, gate way of north east India, first step toward hill of heaven-darjeling.

Siliguri has an excellent quality of life. It has the conveniences of a metro city and the community spirit of a small town. Also, with an infusion of Nepalese, Sikkimese and Bhutanese cultures, Siliguri has a cosmopolitan feel and an eclectic mix of cuisines. Also, the Darjeeling Hills are a short drive from the city. It is a cool and lively place...

58 Bhiwadi

Please vote for bhiwadi

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59 Narnaul
60 Bareilly

This is really a beautiful city, now very much commercial. you can c all big brands in this beautiful city

This is most beautiful city of Uttar is also called nathnagari.there are top most research center IVRI are situated.priyanka Chopra and paras arora (bollywood star) is also citizen of this city.this is clean and green city.the army cantonment board is also situated.
So I proud on my city

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