Best Indian Classical Singers


The Top Ten

1 Bhimsen Joshi
2 Jagjit Singh
3 Mehdi Hassan
4 Lata Mangeshkar Lata Mangeshkar

Chanceless voice... I was addicted to her voice from my childhood... I want to become a playback singer... With the b;essings of this great legends...

5 Radhika Chopra
6 Abida Parveen
7 Rashid Khan Rashid Khan
8 Beggum Akhtar
9 Shreya Ghoshal Shreya Ghoshal Shreya Ghoshal is an Indian playback singer. She has received four National Film Awards, six Filmfare Awards and eight Filmfare Awards South to date.
10 Bade Ghulam Ali Khan

Half of the singers on this list are not even classical. BGAK used to practise 20 hours a day and underwent so much training that he is undoubtedly the greatest classical singer

The Contenders

11 Pankaj Udhas
12 S. Janaki

She is very good classical singer, even she sung south Indian toughest classical song in kannada

13 K. J. Yesudas K. J. Yesudas

Greatest classical singer of India. The Celestial Singer Yesudas.

14 Talat Mehmood
15 K.S. Chithra K.S. Chithra Krishnan Nair Shantakumari Chithra, often credited as K. S. Chithra or simply Chithra, is an Indian playback singer from Kerala. Chithra also sings Indian classical, devotional, and popular music. V 1 Comment
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