Shantanu Maheshwari


Shantanu Maheshwari is an awesome dancer and his expressions are out of the world. He knows the right amount of body movements needed for each dance form. Never underestimate him because he has a lot of potentiality in him...

Shantanu Maheshwari is not just a dancer.. he is an inspiration to all those none dancers to finally wear a dancing shoe and swing it.. He has inspired many of the youth and made them realize that passion and dedication makes a star, you don't need a reality show or publicity to become a true star.. Best dancer, Best icon, Best performer, Best human being.. love him

My opinion of Mr.Awesome well Shantanu is that no one can be like him. Like the way he dances is very unique, he does the most perfect expressions, the way he makes you jump in your seat and make you get excited yourself while watching him. It's like a connection he makes with everyone when he dances, he makes every move so enthusiastic and on point that makes the whole stage on fire. It's like you can't take your eyes off him. The way he does everything with passion, and how he adds so much energy to every performance he does. He adds that swag to all of his performances, and never forgets that one (or more) cool WOW step in each and every performance. How better can this guy get?! But most importantly above all these things, he does what makes his well wishers proud. This cutie isn't only a dancer he's an AMAZER.

He is also a best dancer his style is awesome

SHANTANU is the one who can make you fall for him. His dance.. Style.. Moves can make you crazy... He is so perfect when it comes to dance...
His fluency.. Ease... Confidence adds to his dancing charm. HE IS ONE OF THE BEST CHOREOGRAPHER... A TRUE YOUTH ICON. HE DANCES and MAGIC BEGINS HE TRULY DEServE TO BE in TOP 3

Shantanu maheshwari is not only an awesome dancer but also an amazing choreographer. He has a lot of potential in him. It feels great to watch him dance with such a versatility. The feel with which he dances is just phenomenal. Above all, he is a wonderful performer.

Definitely deserves to be in TOP 10. Versatile and power packed performer. He is an ace dancer. Because of him I started loving dance even more. He is one such dancer who makes you realize that dance is not just about moves but adding life into it is equally important.

Shantanu Maheshwari is such a graceful dancer... Versatility at it's BEST, Amazingly light on feet and he manages so many styles of dance with pure expressions... He is the best

He is a dancer par excellence... When he does street you can just stare in at what ease he does it with... When he does Bollywood you get a smile on your face! He is unmatchable... He is also the winner of a national level dance championship... He is the BEST!

Phenomenon dancer the one who can dance in every style his expression are amazing and his flexibility every thing is perfect in short shantanu is a perfect dancer

Shantanu I Feel The best Dancer I Have Ever Seen After Prabhu Deva He Deserves To Be In Top 10

What adds to his dancing skills is the amazing emoting skills he has... He has the perfect dancer's body which imparts a lot of fluidity to his moves which reflect the comfort in his dancing

This guy impressed me right from his first show D3, what a brilliant performer he is, loved the way he dances with such effortless ease.

Expression King he is. The offstage shy guy drastically transforms into the world's most notoriously expressive guy in a second. All thanks to dance. He is born to dance of course

Shantanu is not only a dancer but a performer.
A person whose moves speak volumes. A person with a born talent of dance showcases his moves in the most way.
He is an aspiring dancer who deserves to achieve great heights. His moves are definitely poetry in motion. The emotions and the expression are portrayed in the most beautiful way. India fest 2011' s first footloose winner Shantanu is a person of talent and dedication who deserves appreciation and fame. Love Shantanu

Always and forever Shantanu Maheshwari and also vrushan...

He dances with the exact amount of energy the step needs and ends it with absolute grace. Does few of the most power pact moves but with incomparable grace and class. Has a touch of his own to each step, even a quotidian one and even if he is dancing behind in a group dance, your eyes are bound to land on him and him alone. Most importantly, what makes a dancer great, is his eagerness to share his knowledge of dance with others and at the age of 23, he has choreographed for people older than him, that too phenomenally.

No doubts...Shantanu is the best...The most important thing of shantanu's dancing is that...His dancing connects to heart...In his each and every step there is a soul...The happiness on his face during dancing and the smile and pleasure in our heart while watching him dancing is same and constantly increase one of biggest fan

He is awesome dancer amazing choreographer he has his own dance style love the way he moves his body according to music

As a dancer he is Perfectly perfect. Shantanu maheshwari really knows the business of dancing... The best choreographer... A performer who can emote brilliantly through dance... He truly deserve to be in top 3... The true to

Shantanu is the best. He has a lot of energy. He really lights the stage on fire with his brilliant performance.

He is a great dancer and his expressions are just awesome

He is a versatile dancer. Extremely expressive. He not only dances but also emotes exceptionally well. Street dance is his forte.

Shantanu is a dancer who dances fully out his heart! This guy goes on amazing with us moves and confidence! Obviously, he's the World Of Dance champion! Vote for him! Please please vote for him! He deserves it. And yes, he's doing a lot for his dancing career.

The most graceful, versatile, flexible and MIND BLOWINGG dancer ever! I mean is there ANY dance form the guy cannot perform! He's just brilliant! His expressions, the emotions he conveys through his dance just moves you. A true performer. Hats off!

A dance need a perfect partner to makes it alive... And shantanu maheshwari is the best partner a dance ever get. He simply rules as a class dancer