Best Indian ODI Cricketers of 2013

Top players of the Indian Team who are playing in present. This list shows that our team is best in all over the world according to their performances.

The Top Ten

1 Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Great captain the world has ever seen... Captained chennai to the top of the ipl and champions league a couple the times... Avg 50 in both test and odi... Shocking... Strike rate 160 in t20s... Great keeper... Fast... Never drops a catch... What else is needed to prove his talent... I being a Sri Lankan.. I've seen that he stands out! 99.99% my best Indian cricketer

IT IS DIFFICULT TO REPLACE HIM... Superb captaincy even under pressure and tough situations, and even quite brilliant bit of keeping as well as batting.

He is a very inteligent player of the world and beet captain

My ideal.He is undroppable.Lots of reasons.Best finisher,best wicketkeeper,best batsmen,ability to play under pressure and the biggest - BEST CAPTAIN.wish to see him playing at least another 5-10 years

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2 Virat Kohli

He is young good player. I think pull shot play well. He can play other shots very well. His defense is so good. I think he is the future captin of India team. He is handsome. He has average of about 50 in ODI's.

He has many records in his name and his captaicy is wonderful and it is always a pleasure to watch him play. He is in 3rd rank in icc odi batsman rankings and eighth in t20s

The best player... :))

He the best batsman in all three formats of game and also best captain

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3 Suresh Raina

He is a match winner player. He is also a very good fielder. He is an active person in the field. He is left handed batsman. He is also a part time bowler.

1. Suresh raina is outstanding fielder
2. Very good batman
3. Brilliant all rounder

He is the rocking player

My favourite cricketer

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4 Shikhar Dhawan

He the best left handed batsman

Best Player Of The World with a Moustache

He made very excellent records in the cricket game

He is one of the finest Indian batsman and he should remain in the Indian side for long

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5 Rohit Sharma

That's my boy! His and my birth is on same date not only that he is my inspiration I am inspired by him.

Rohit is not only talented but also he is hard working. He destroy entire team after reaching 100. He is the opening batsman who give platform to lower order.

My best cricketer of all time in my history. I love the style that he plays. I love his shots and centuries. There are very less cricketers to be like him. He should not be no.5, but 4th or 2nd. I live him and he is my God of cricket. Heis young fashioned and I know that he will go vert high. Congratulations Rohit.

This is my hero in cricket field

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6 Bhuvneshwar Kumar

He is best bowler with the new ball. He is also able to get wickets by old ball. He is the king of swing. His line and length is perfect.

Bhuvi is the best! Must In top 5. Definitely... NOT AT 8TH POSITION IN INDIA. VERY GOOD BOWLER. MUST IN TOP 5

Bhubaneswar nahi hota to India team ka revolution Kaiser hota

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7 Ravindra Jadeja

'Sir' name is given him by Dhoni. He always play a main role in fielding side. Once he is awarded by Man of the match because of his fielding. He is the best allrounder in Indian team. He is a good bowler as well as batsman.

Jadeja is a cricketer as well as struggler. He is hard working

8 Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

No one can beat yours record of 100centuries now and then don't worry dynamic Tendulkar

He is always number 1 in all cricket

Sachin you are a master blaster

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9 Yuvraj Singh

Whenever he hit a six then many times he try to do same on neyt ball. He 'sixer king'. He is a good match finisher. He was the Man of the tourenament of One day world cup.


He is dashing sixer king far better than ash win n jadeja please vite for him

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10 Ravichandran Ashwin

He very good bowler. He is also a very good batsman. Whenever he got chance he played very well as a bowler
As well as batsman. He was the heighest wicket taker in India v/s Austrelia series in India from indian side.

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The Contenders

11 Viru Bhai

He is the most dangerous opner player. He start his game with first ball. He play fearless game. When ever he play with fresh mind he play a long inning. He has world record of 219 runs in a inning in one day match.

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12 Mohammed Shami

Still injured. Yep

13 Cheteshwar Pujara

Has a knack and temperament to score big. Already has 5 centuries in 15 tests. Average of over 60. Fantastic young player. He will only get better.

14 Gautam Gambhir

Wonderful batsman but out of team...

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15 Ricky Ponting V 2 Comments
16 Dinesh Karthik

Hit 146 we Australia in a warm up CT v australia and scored another century v sri lanka

Dinesh karthik is fantastic batsman

17 Zaheer Khan

He is a best bowler to all bowlers of India. No one can take place of him. He is a great player for all time.

18 Harbhajan Singh

He is the great bowler of India. He took more then 401 wickets. He is also a good batsman in lower order.

19 Umesh Yadav
20 Ishant sharma V 1 Comment
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