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201 Prime
202 M Boy
203 Yama Buddha
204 Talwar
205 Kabir
206 Hindi Rap Soldier

Aka Kamal jit. Best Hindi Rapper I've seen.

207 Richi Banna
208 Dwin-X
209 Sukhe
210 Imran Khan V 1 Comment
211 KrazyCLIP

He does what is right for Hip-Hop and keeps his head up. He has not just got talent but an empire made of talent. By noticing the speed of his influence on others it's safe to say that he might be THE BEST anytime soon. - AnkurTiwari

212 Shanky

He got an awesome flow and his lyrics are amazing

Best as a solo rapper

V 1 Comment

The Vrstar A.K. A vaibhav sharma independent artist from delhi
Need your support and love very much so please keep suppot and dear hater please hate me and help me to improve my rap skills

214 Juzzz Rappa

Jubin as knw as Juzzz Rappa. He was a Lyricist. he started career writing Rap.
Juzzz Rappa is a upcoming artist Hindi Hip Hop world in 2014-2015. He's inspired from and following Punjabi Rap creator The Bohemia Punjabi Rapper.
The End of 2014 year he will give new tracks

V 1 Comment
215 Nayan Yanz

He is from sikkim. From capital gantok, he is 18 years old makes very good music, raps in english and hindi, he is working on his records. Waiting for his album to come. He will hit chart. He is amazing, most of rappers only make song for party and girls. But this guy is real deal he make songs for streets. Stage name yanz.. Inspiration tupac.

216 Stylo
217 Dirt Brown
218 Veme V 1 Comment
219 Mad-e
220 nAv
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