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221 Dirt Brown
222 Veme V 1 Comment
223 Rapper Shaggie
224 Mad-e
225 AJ Sadhu

AJ Sadhu (Hyderabad the Rapstar)... Lyrics writer, composer, musician! AN ARTIST FROM HYDERABAD!

226 Rapper Sanj
227 Abheer
228 Nabazz

He is lyrically beast

229 Hyde Karty (G arulaZ)

Hyde Karty born and brought up in chennai India, has performed many song in films and marked himself as a Tamil rap artist, check out the lungi dance by him

230 GD Singh
231 Vishal Raja
232 Gangis Khan aka Camoflauge
233 Vivek Diwvedi

The best rapper... His first song tu aa bhi jaa got thusands of views on youtube. Just 18 years old... Banarshi.. Boy has a good ryme sense... Listen his song you will definitely love him

234 Pinzer V 1 Comment
235 Palash Ghate

You should be on top

236 Abby Singh

Great punjabi rapper with meaning full lyrics
His flow of rapper is too good
He is the member of The Young Stars

237 Mani Bhati
238 Yash .H V 1 Comment
239 Harsh Kapoor
240 M-Vaesto

M-vaesto from the ahmedabad (guj). coming up first time after the making hard efforts of two years by own self without bothering conditions, pains, hates, bad talks, fate and jobs. I'm a diploma automobile engg. but nobody ain't giving me the room to work in big companies and also I leaved my place of job for music passion about all genres, mostly hip-hop. I've been writing song about from 3 years, but never got the chance to show it off, friends laughed when I talk this things on. but that I cried sitting alone in corner, never showed the tears and pains of inside to any one. but they can see me now, what I am, what I'll be on. but that was the past I don't need to type bout it ANY more, now I got my focus on the future, so lets make off my dreams "above all".

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