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281 MC Devil
282 MC Dappear
283 Paul Kutiyal

This young boy deserves to be at least in top 100

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284 Chaitanya Wagh

At the age of 15 he rocked everyone with his song FOREVER! Deserve to be after brodha v at 4th position!

285 Jamil Suleman

This dudes about to blow up! This is the year! Peep his soundcloud for his real NW hip hop and his music video for Curry NA Hurry. Got on the radio three times this year! New content coming out soon.

286 Vicky Mittal

Not very famous but he got the flow!

287 Rapper Y Gee
288 Sid Da Freak

Sexiest fusion rap artist and can spit faster... He's gonna be the next gen rapper... - Siddafreak

289 Rapper Garima Grover

Wanna Me look to the Rapping is connected together...

290 HeRo RaPsta
291 D-Regal

Number 1 Rapper From Nagpur. Pioneer of Rap Music In Nagpur. Awesome Lyrics. Awesome Flow.

292 Harsh Jha
293 MP

His new song is awwssooommm.. I knw he is local buddy... but he wil get fame in upcoming dayz

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294 Apurv Poonam Mishra

An affiliate of underground dynasty but tomorrows never the same..

295 R-Star

My lyrics is nice

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296 Vanu Mallesh

Best rapper in all of India

297 Sameed Mohsin

I am doing my best in rap and songs

298 Mohit Badshah
299 Vizhell

Best Ever Flow, His Raps Like Fire, His flow is too awesome, We are his true fans! He should be on the top of this list

This one the With his great efforts in MUSIC!
He brings Pop Rap in India!

300 Squar-e

Best in the world he says he is reincarnated 2pac best lyricist ever born

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