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341 Looka King V 1 Comment
342 CAN-D

Bombay Girl by CAN-D is totally next level man. Nobody in India makes such good quality songs.

Great flow. Lyrics are just awesome and the best up coming talents.

Listen to his song Fireball whr he started from, collaborating with pop singer Aisha Ali on debut.

Heard his songs all are good

V 5 Comments
343 Karan Mavi V 1 Comment
344 Mr. Maddy V 1 Comment
345 Swadesi V 1 Comment
346 Em24/7
347 King Kash

He is the great Hindi rapper...

He's lyrics are awesome

He is the real desu underground rapper

348 Akay-Shay
349 Abhayz Rapstar AKA Mr. AZ
350 Raghzz

His songs are amazing

351 Raptilez 101
352 Yashowardhan

Coming for remove all homies in rapping... Beware

Am I newbie but have ablity to break every rapper list

353 Vishigeet
354 Humble the Poet
355 Rihaan Rajput

Best Romantic Romantic Rapper

V 1 Comment
356 Vashutosh Kathela
357 Mahi Singh
358 Mahi Singh
359 Shivam Rapper

The NeW raP seNsAtiOn oF India

360 Rapper KiRajRajesh

He is a king of rapping. He is a 18 year old young rapper from Nallasopara.

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