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21 Ikka

He is the best his voice is awesome

What he has no comparison with any other rapper

He is simply amazing

Best rapper in india hard working ikka pajji

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22 Alfaaz

Best singer and partner of honey love him

Alfaaz os better singer but he sing very fast I don't understand

Nice hairstyle and dressing also songs

He is better than above

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23 Sikander Kahlon

King of punjabi rap kahlon on number 1, this list is stupid. finally bohemia learn how to rap from kahlon

Sikander kahlon is my 2 rapping idol you know I am just 13 year old and my all friends says that I rap amazing I want that I will became a rapper like bohemia, honey, the-hk, sikander kahlon, and also pradhan...

A rapper from Mohali, Punjab. He started Mixtapes on Punjabi Rap. His first album Sikander The Soverign was awesome.

He should be in top 10

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24 Rapper SIZ

Shivank aka Rapper SIZ is the next best Hindi Rapper from India. For more info search em on google or check latest at -

He is just awesome, music labels wants his name.

Best Hindi Rapper. Vibrant music has got variety and peppy tunes

Aashiqi Hindi rap & Bad boyz inidan rap is too good.. Loving it with bass..
Even though I like honey singh but you something like wIZ KHALIFA.. & I must say you SIZ KHALIFA

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25 Rusted Boyz

He is world best rapper band with best vocalist

26 Baba Sehgal

He is the first and original Indian rapper with rhythm and poetry... He can rap on any subject... No one can... Listen his raps like Going to the gym, Trump mania, very cool and funny rap, fried chicken rice... His every rap has some content at least. Actually he is the coolest rapper... no offensive language and bull like YoYo...

Best and first Indian rapper give him some respect

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27 Emenjay

Rapper with awesome flow. He raps in English, Punjabi, Hindi.

28 The hk

He is also a good rapper. He lives in Mohali, and belongs to Hip Hip crew M-Brigade. His lyrics are awesome.

29 Ishq Bector V 3 Comments
30 Harry.S

Awesome English and Hindi punjabi rapper and singer to..
His flow of rapping is mindblowing nobody can beat him.. He is in the group name (THE YOUNG STARS)

His best rap was in be my love with a sexy voice
In this song the first rap was not good at all what makes the song not that good

Awesome rapper man..
His flow of is so good.. And mind blowing... No words for this rapper... Hats of to this rapper..

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31 DArk AMOX A.k.A. Aman Chauhan

Well done Aman One day you will be shine as like a star in sky.
I wish!

Yeah dark devil amoxx... Beware evryone... He is coming with a bangg...! Go no dude!

Well done amox keep it up
All the best
Hope you one day you will be a star rockstar dude :-)

Good keep it up!

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32 MJ Wayne
33 SVS Kingh

The best rapper... Camo

Good Luck and Keep it up

34 Mr. Brown

Best rapper from navi mumbai, proud of you. You are awesome.

He is the most best rapper in navi mumbai.

An amazing rapper just love to hear him play I specifically come to hear him gosh he drives me crazy by it

Awesome awesome awesome awesome

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35 Ex

Ye to honey singh ka bhi bap he be

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36 Enkore

He is the only one who deserves on this list!

One of the finest

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37 Smokey

These Illiterate geeks don't know what music is.. They Rated Brodha V on 3rd.. *Lame* Smokey is one of the Best Lyricist of India and Brodha V too.. Scrap out those B*tches who deserve to be nowhere around Hip Hop and Rap..
I support Enkore, Munky Rhymes and Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi! Indian Hip Hop to the fullest!

Yo man he is way better than honey singh

Smokey should be after Brodha v

Smokey the ghost is awesome

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38 Rapper Manny Da Desi Soul

#BEST only one word

39 Akashi Rapper V 5 Comments
40 Fateh V 5 Comments
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