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41 Money $tar V 1 Comment
42 Rocky Bidhuri V 1 Comment
43 PbM

An Indian rapper... With mix genre. Lots of creativity... His first debut song ye h wada mera, it's a small rap.

An Indian rapper comes from Mumbai. Ideal:bohemia. First song:ye h wada mera - padam

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44 Rapper PG

You're the best bro
I just love your all tracks

You're the best in that business

I just saw your page. Good man keep it up...

Search Fastest rapper in India, that how I found him

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45 Meco Nace

Best English Rapper in India... He will reach heights..

He should be at the top..
So young so talented...

He ain't no slim shady but he's got something

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46 Rap King Loky

Really loky you r a great Slow motion RAPPER your song 'LOVE=BUSINESS' is awesome

Your songs mixtures are really awesome we all love it...

Music is my spirit and king loky brings music to life! Cheers!

Really impressive rap by loky I saw your performance in MNIT jaipur...supavv

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47 Borkung Hrangkhawl

Bk needs no more introduction! He is the best rapper in India we have seen so far. for guys who have not know him yet... I suggest you to watch his music video, I am damn sure that you will be surprise to know such good rapper are present in India.

He is the rising star of north east India.. He can rap, rhyme..

BK is the best rapper of India. He's songs are inspirational. He's damn cool rapper. Bk - proud of Northeast. He's the Eminem of India. We can't compare Honey Singh with BK. Honey Singh is the slowest rapper of India and He's lyrics are ... Without good meanings and BK is opposite. He raps very fast and his lyrics are better than other's. I don't know why he's on no. 50, he should be on no. 1

I was really suprised to hear his raps... They are damm rocking and meaningful... Should watch his videos

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48 Kay-D

HOLLA bro... Rapper AMB here :D
I love "life goes on" and waitin for ya next song...

Best rapper in haryana and also India.better then honey sing when anyone prmote him.because in haryana music industry is dead

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49 Rapstar Sid Dmx

A hindi rap artist
Whu launch his 1st song at age of 12. Mah intro song
He neva learn music from a teacher
He learn studio work with his own brain
He learn how to make a beat mixing mastering with his own brain
2013 he gain more fame by morey saiyan

Yeah sid I like your songs
Good rapper I wann to see you on 1st rank no yo yo only sid
Best of luck

A hindi rap artist from dehradun, uttrakhand
He learn studio work with his own brain
He learn how to make beat mixing mastering with the help of his own brain
In the age of 13 he launch his 1st single
In 2013
He gain more fame by morey saiyan

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50 Kush

Next-generation network of the hip hop

The lyrical basterd from RJ 13 rap crew. He spit unique lyrics like a real rapper.

A young boy from small town of haryana and also a big fan of yo yo honey Singh!

Love him a lot

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How Bohemia is in this top ten list. He is not Indian but Pakistani. Indian rapper I believe is the one who can rap in hindi and english or in any indian language. Voofa has it all. His songs are like phoenix which tells his story and that's what rapping is all about.

Best rapper India has produced so far. The guy deserves to be on top of this chain. The only Hindi rapper who talks about the Indian Heritage, History and Problems our country is facing. All the other rappers talk about themselves. I respect VOOFA. From my side its a 10 on 10. VOOFA - The IZI KING.

VOOFA is the best rapper that I can find on Youtube when it comes to Lyrics and Indian Music. He blends the finest quality of music with the street life. His album KORRUPT was itself the Blockbuster with India Against Corruption song. His rap talks about life experiences. I love VOOFA's songs. The Best, better than Honey and Bohemia.

Rap style and music is amazing.. VOOFA is the best.

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52 Risky Rai

He's a punjabi rapper, member of rap crew RJ13, from a small city Sriganganagar(RJ) and has the best flow indeed. And lyrics are based on truth. My inspiration too.

Lyrical genius! Rapping wit me since 2009!

Bro you and armor was awesome rapper

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53 Cj Akki

Nice english rapper..his flow is very hot...

54 Nambardar

Nice rapper ride song is so nice

Nambardar is a best ride song very nice and ladki ki party and nice bro kondli

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55 Pr!nce

He is one of the best upcoming rappers in India look out for song Eyes aur smile

His Zinda single is on point.. He's very talented with lyrics n flow and can beat anyone lyrically. He should be in top 10.. Check him out..

How is he not up there, he is one of the finest upcoming rappers in India and could be next Bohemia or Raftaar.. Lyrics are great. Check out Prinse - Shuruwat his first song.

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56 Rapper D Sharp (Deepak Bhadri)
57 Rapper GB
58 Pradhaan
59 Manni Rapper
60 RonGpaz
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