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61 Indus Gharana
62 Haddie Singh
63 D'Prince
64 RD Dedha RapStar

Rd dedha and yc gujjar number one rapstar

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65 YC Gujjar RapStar V 2 Comments
66 Atul RapStar

He is an awesome rapper from delhi his name atul the rapper supper songs love you atul

67 Hotshot (Rapper Debashis Kumar)
68 Baba KSD
70 Hardy Rapper

HE IS A 19 YEARS OLD YOUNG RAPPER. from Sri Ganganagar. he always do with own lyric and music. and his inscription from BOHEMIA THE PANJABI RAP sTAR, WITH RESPECT and LOVE...

71 Akash King Rapper

Hey bro keep it up you really rap well...

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72 Shashank Hindi RapStar V 2 Comments
73 LyriKO
74 Sarthak Sharma

The best Indian rapper
Best rapper in Hindi, English and Punjabi

75 Bless The Mess
76 Pushap Vasudeva
77 Avinash The Heat

He is one of the promising upcoming Indian Tamil rapper... Waiting for more from him...

Good Rapper and traditional with Dhoti style add kicks to it. Waiting for more form him

Good start considering this is his debut performance.Expecting more from him

Check his modi campaign song "Time for Modi".. awesome rap song

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78 D-Emcrypt

Cool Indian rapper from Karnataka.

Awesome.The songs are improving in every stage of his new songs.didn't think he would reach this height.Feeling happy that one of my friends is in the top 20.We would always support you

Really good work and always better than the previous work

He is good at his work and hardworking. Rap is mainly about rhymes and flow, its not a piece of cake. Its not about only "Yo YO", As many people think it is. In my opinion D-Emcrypt is Skilled and has the talent so, we should support such artists to promote "INDIAN HIP HOP"! And I know D-Emcrypt personally as I work with me, he is humble, good and kind. :)

-Bharat Naganath
Crypticity Records (VFX CREW)

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79 MC Ganee

I have heard him and he is awesome!

Till date dint get a chance to see his live performance, but waiting for one...

Mc ganee is a chennai based rapper!
His rap flow is awesome!
He has performed at malls, pubs and public events
He is one hell of a beat boxer

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80 Adhi (Hiphop Tamizha)

Adhi is a Tamil rapper, who sings about the proudness of being a Tamil.

He is the Best Tamil rapper who can do real HipHop

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