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101 L.U.C.K.Y

Good but not like others.

102 Klock 8 Sunny

Hamien nahi fiqr/... Mashup dud.. Keep it up... This is not yet it's starting... I want you in the top 5 list

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103 Ami P V 1 Comment
104 Michael M Sailo

Yes I a the best rapper in India... dame bore to be a king... can somebody take my crown without fighting just by battle...

The Best Rapper from NorthEast India

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105 Sucha Freak

Passion is what it takes to Sucha Freak to go beyond with his music. Definitely his talent and professionalism will take him to the top. He deserves to be listened. Respect.

Sucha Freak's music has no frontiers, it came to me all the way to Argentina. Extremelly surprised for his talent along with personality. Let the whole world discover his name!

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106 Vivian Divine

One of the best

No one rapper alive in india

In top 5 for me

AmB here

107 Naezy

My boy Naezy is TRUTH. He keeps it raw, he keeps it real. Sick flow, sick beats, and some pretty real lyrics. I'd peg him as an Indian version of Bohemia, in terms of keeping it real.

The only gangsta rapper of India... He is the future

The best Hindi rapper of India. Keeps it REAL.

He is just amazing...listen his "aafat" and "haq hai" of meaningful lyrics

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108 RD Prince

His flows and lyrics are awesome..! He is lyrically more powerful than all these rappers out here

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109 X-STAR
110 Addyfeatx

There is no one doing such work at such age, I know that how much work is for only 2 persons in a group, they will do composition, write lyrics, make music and much more so for me they are doing great job and I think no one is doing such work at this age, even if someone then they will have a whole background team making music and doing many parts, so for me they are the real superstars.

DayDream is an exact example to that what people really want to hear the song is really close to my life, thanks for this type of song

Its great for boys working at the age of 15, absolutely amazing work

They carried a young talent

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111 Youngsta Ash

This guy deserves it... He knows what he's doing and he's commendable...
Experimenting with different flows, different themes, different genres by fusing them with hip hop... This guy is the Future of desi hip hop...

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112 Rapper Exo Nawab
113 McAdii

A young amateur rapper from Itanagar, INDIA. He got an unique flow. He raps for everything.
He got everything what a rapper have.
He's a lyricist and a rapper.
Due to some financial problem, he's not releasing any studio recorded tracks but he's releasing home recorded demo's.
Someday by the grace of god and people he'll be at the place where brodha v is now. NOTE IT.

114 Nemix

Hindi rapper from North Delhi with dope lyrics.

115 Mr. Lazy

From Germany, and I love it. Even met him in India. =)

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116 Mr. Romeo
117 Mr.M Saifi

Excellent skills in Rapping... underground rapper..
Its song running succesfully on RED FM 93.5 And other channel

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118 MC Afroz Khan

Top emerging MC from Hyderabad, fast verses and amazing lyrics

"In Love Alone" is an example of depiction of thoughts, real artist

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119 Nashua Unforgetta

Zindagi track of yours is forever.

Jawani uncontrollable! awesome

Really unforgetta when on the stage.

Why he is not on the top?

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120 Shazzy D King V 2 Comments
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