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141 MC Kash

Best rapper in Indian occupied Kashmir... As well as one of the best rapper I have ever heard... Because he has sung a no of songs against Indian oppression in Kashmir... That's y he has not been included... But reality is that he is best rapper in India who raps in English...

He spits bars full of Knowlegde and Information, He spits what's true! He has very touchy lyrics that chill you down to the spine. There's no RAPPER in India who is as touching as him but why is he on this list He isn't an Indian, he hails from Kashmir.

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142 Rishabh Rishi Kumar

He is awesome rapper

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143 Emiway

I think he should be at first

...He should be there in the top 50

You are the best,keep it up!

He is really awesome rapper
Emiway the bars machine

144 Fateh Doe

A canadian Sikh rapper ruling over the world with his long beard and dumalla.. He has got good flow and writes the best lyrics.. He raps in punjabi,Hindi and the best in English..

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145 Curryspitter

Look him up on instagram; he is simply the best

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146 Aaimbill

One of the best hindi rapper from RJ13 rap crew. The flow is totally different and entertaining. I bet no one can spit like him.

147 N3

N,3 is the best rapper among all his real name is nitin he belong from garwal (U. K) he rapps very good he is a delhi boy and you will love him when you listen his rapps all he needs is your support, N,3 you will rock one day, love you

148 Jamaster K

Featured On UTV Bindass Show 'Video wars'. Raps amazing. Do Check out his Song 'Sawali'

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149 Maneesha Nambirajan
150 Parasite
151 Parry Parrot V 1 Comment
152 Jizzy Rapstar

A new and a awesome rapper. He released his first awesome track 'What's Jizzy'

153 Rony Key
154 Rapper Rishabh
155 Alee Houston

Alee Houston Is Indian Hip Hop, R&B Artist from Hyderabad.He Is One Of Best Desi Artist Representing Indian Hip Hop Culture In America. His All Time Miss You Was Aired On Mtv India & He Was Given "Artist Of The Week" Award In Sydney, Australia At Pacific 360 Radio Channel.

156 Shar S

He is best Hookah is his song which gets fame

157 Lokesh Bhati

The guy comes from Village Aimnabad Greater Noida Uttar (U. P) in North India but he is doing great he writes and raps and sings his songs like the Creator hope we see him soon as the New Star because he is a born Musician

158 KeepSake
159 R. Bakshi

The best upcoming talent


Best English & Hindi rapper. One of the first rappers in New Delhi.

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