Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?


Data 30 November 2012

I can't explain how can I spend that day

Because that day my heart was broken

It is the last day of iss phase ko kya naam doon

Guys I tell you a great secret

If you want to change your life and fill what is love then it is the most easy way

You just watch iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

And change your life

I will give you. 100 guarantee

If you watch the full show you can't never forget in your life time...

So friends start today to watch the amazing magical romantic show and start a new beautiful colour full thinks in your heart...

Only one problem creates if you start watch it

You have a addicted to watch it always...

If you watch the romantic scene of this show at that time any one call you ignore them it's a true feelings

So start it now friends

It's available in hotstat app

Take care and good bye dear friends...

Clearly the best romantic serial with amazing chemistry between main leads who I find to be the best looking male and female actor/actress. Wonderful acting. Beautiful characterization with love, caring and closeness within family members that is heartwarming. Beautiful background music and songs. A drama that is worth watching repeatedly. By far my favorite drama with none anywhere close to it

A great show which happens only once in a life time and with a couple who shares an unbeatable chemistry... Something never seen before.

First I would like to wish the Producer, Director, Main leads Barun & Sanaya and the entire crew a very happy and peaceful life as they have given such a wonderful series which makes most of the people to smile and forget their stress for some time.

I bet every person who watch this series will have their good time and we cannot forget the drama from our life. I would like recommend each and everyone not to miss this as you will every minute of the series.

Highlight of this series is the extra-ordinary chemistry between the leads the cute trouble making heroine and the cold arrogant hero, you can never ever say that they are acting and you could feel like Arnav and Kushi exist in your normal life

It's been 2 years the drama has ended but still no series replace this drama and the feel. Wish to see both Sanaya and Barun in Future together soon

I just loved it and still do to this day. It is very relaxing and I recommend it to all depressed people. you will laugh with it and enjoy all the ups and downs of Khushi and Arnav and each character was superb in their roles. Congrats to the Director, producer and the whole team for such a brilliant performance. Heartfelt thanks and GOD bless you all.

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon is the best serial ever in T.V. history

Best romantic serial ever that got my daughters interested in watching Hindi serial who didn't understand Hindi language very much. By the time they finished watching complete serial they were able to understand conversation and lot of Hindi words. Since then they watched many other Indian serials and feel proud about their roots in India.

It's the best soap I've seen. I believe it is no les than a movie. The actors are just superb... Better than bollywood actors... Cheers sanaya and barun... Love

I've never been that into Indian show but this show changed me I've never seen a more realistic chemistry between two characters. I love this show and would totally recommend it to everyone. I pray that it comes back one day with it's original characters.

It is the best serial I had ever seen

Can't explain what this show has done millions of people around the world, it completely changed me, this is the best show have ever seen and it always will be in the hearts of many people and the fandom is still alive even today, words can't explain this show it is beyond perfection

Its an entertainment packed show, with Romance, Comedy, Drama and with an amazing cast. It will forever remain my favorite show. Hat's off to the cast and crew and Thank you for making such an amazing show!

Best show ever, combines modern and traditional world. Super romantic and perfect in ever way. It has comedy, romance, action which is everything a show should be. This is the only show that I watched all the way through

The best I've ever scene when it comes to Indian television. The leads are amazing actors with fabulous chemistry that will never be forgotten - will love it hamesha!

Very nice concept... The story is just superb! At least in this T.V. show you don't see people gossiping... IPKKND fans want more episodes...

This is one serial which raised the bar so high that everything else looks so ordinary.

Best serial ever on T.V. come back again

Nothing can beat this show, its 1 of a kind. The best thing happened in my life which I do and will cherish all life.

It's got a great concept n the two main characters got a really great characteristic n I think that's how the whole show is the best n I think iss pyaar ko kya Naam doon should be first

This is a good serial of great love story thank for everyone who make this serial

This was the romantic serial that one of my favorite... We want once more this show...

Best romantic and thrilling show ever!


The first time I ever sat through a 400 episode drama. Initially, I just wanted to check it out but you know how that turned out. It was just too good to stop. I loved almost everything- the plot, the music, and of course, the actors.

The first Serial that impressed me a lot to watch again and again.. Cold, arrogant and handsome hero with a Cute and simple girl.. never saw the sizzling chemistry in any other serials, missing the show desperately and want Sarun back together soon!