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1 Undertale

Creativity makes an indie game. That is the phrase Undertale has lived up to and will always live up to in the history of this genre. It's hard to make a game POPULAR, but it's legendary to make it so special, so UNIQUE, that nobody can ever successfully recreate it. Minecraft? Fun, but overrated (and bootlegged to the point where it's hard to call it "original"). Five Nights at Freddy's? A much-needed breath of fresh air of horror into the indie world, but then FNAF World came out. Why, Scott... With all these different indie developers trying to successfully imitate the most successful real-world gaming titles of the 80s and 90s (Axiom Verge-Metroid, Super Meat Boy-Mario, The Binding of Isaac-Half Zelda, Half generic dungeon crawler, etc.), it's refreshing to see one person create a title that took the beloved elements of an emotional RPG gem (Earthbound, for those who didn't know) and combine it with their own witty, creative style to make something... Beautiful.

One of the best 2015 games in my opinion. Yeah, the fanbase is cancer with a small part of good, but the game is PERFECT. The soundtrack is amazing, the controls are fluid, there are a lot of secrets in-game, the battle system is GREAT and on top of it- The graphics make me think of a retro game, and it plays like one! It gets a 9.9 out of ten, the fanbase is cancer but the game with multiple endings stands strong. - PugLlama

This game is a masterpiece. The story is amazing, the gameplay and the characters are great, it's full of creativity and the soundtrack is awesome. One of the things I should mentioned that in some cases, you don't play the game, it's the game playing with you, and in a good and effective way... I cannot really say any flaws aside from the purposeful ones in the genocide route and a tiny part of the fandom. (khm, fanon shipping) Overall, great game and it deserves to be #1.

UnderTale has the worse fanbase ever like a good game having a bad fanbase also this goes to cupped to

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2 Shovel Knight

An NES game on steroids, combining the glory of old game design with the fluidity that today's games are known to have.

The standard for what an indie game should be. Still going strong and getting new content after 3 years

Not even half a decade old, and it's one of the classics

Screw Undertale, Shovel Knight is the best!

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3 Castle Crashers

Honestly I Get Why Undertale And Shovel Knight Are Above Castle Crashers But In My Opinion Castle Crashers Is My Favorite Game Tied With Terraria. I Mean Come On Who Wouldn't Love This Game, There's 34 Playable Characters And Not To Mention This Will Keep You Hooked For Life, So Yeah Castle Crashers For Life - TundraTopTenners

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4 Guacamelee!
5 Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is personally one of my favorite games of all time with its perfect amounts of difficulty and humor all leading up to the fact that you can unlock and play with characters from other Indie games.

So many indie games try to implement a unique mechanic that you've never seen before that completely changes up gameplay. Super meat boy doesn't give you the ability to turn back time, or to jump to an intersecting 2d plane. It doesn't have a turn based combat system mixed with bullet hell. All you do is jump from platform to platform and try not to die. I would personally find this boring if it weren't for the incredible controls and hard as nails, yet fair, platforming. It's a total blast.

RAGE, RAGE and Constant Rage, the best masterpiece of rage platforms (and humor)

UOUR GAVE HAS TO Be amazing If YOU CAN CONTINUE TO DO 1 LEVEL FOR hours just for closure

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6 Shantae (Series)

The games feels for the most the same but varies at times in good ways and somewhat different from time to time and has some unique yet sort of but still predictable story lines. Although 10 out of 10 if you ask me.

I love the Shantae games! They're so underrated and need some more love!

This should be higher than undertale

the best

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7 Minecraft

There is a reason why Minecraft is such a bestseller and the creator of the game has already accumulated millions of dollars in his net worth. This game is really something special. It shifts away from the norms of sandbox gaming and creates an entire new level of fun, raising the bar for other aspiring game-makers for years to come. When I played it, it was such an euphoric experience for me and it still is. While the single-player mode is pretty depressing after a while, it still lives up to that of a valuable sandbox single-player. The multi-player completely dominates the name of the game and overall, it's definitely an indie game deserving of its fame and attention.

Overrated but for a good reason, this game is awesome. Despite the fanbase being awful it's still a very fun game. - ClicheUsername69

Great game just with it's sales figures combined it is the second most selling game ever.

One of the best and by far, better than Undertale
don't care about the hate
don't care about the fanbase
care about the game itself... - MarcoCrafted

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8 Terraria

Way more content than Minecraft.

One of my all time favorite games. I have heard Minecraft players talk about how their game has RPG elements in it. Guess what? Terraria actually has classes in it!

If this is number 10, I would like to see a minecraft player or Sans kill the Moon Lord.

Should be number 2, right behind cave story

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9 Fez

Awesome. Pure awesome. Except all the negative Phil Fish buzz of course.

10 The Stanley Parable

I love this game, it's so clever with its different endings, and hidden endings. It's my favourite indie game by far

It was played by Frank Underwood in House of Cards. You know it's something else when it's shown being played by a major character on a big hit show.

Hilarious yet dark game... depending on which of the EIGHTEEN endings you get!

One of the best video games period. - stinkyjaden

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11 Cave Story

Literally the game that started the whole indie game craze we have today

Best indie game in my opinion

Look, I get it. CS is overrated like hell. But it is still the second best indie game ever (right behind Undertale) regardless. - xandermartin98

Stupid kids will just say it's a ripoff of undertale. Sad, cave story is one of my favorite games!

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12 Limbo

One of the creepiest games and one of the only horror indie games to not rely on jump scares. An amazing experience

It's not only on top for it's gameplay but also for it's black and white art direction - apon

I nearly swore when I saw the spider I nearly swore. and I'm twelve.

Definitely deserves to be in the top 10, its creepy but beautiful and has a deep story

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13 The Binding of Isaac

I adore this game. It's all about trying harder every time no matter how cruel the world is. The art style is pure black humor and the gameplay fit it. What I really like about this game that is is a pure EVIL but really fair -the game get harder every time you earn an achievement but also in this way you will get more loot.

Jesus Christ. Like a horror game but, not. So many bosses and items

A Zelda ripoff, but a good one. It was originally made as an unsophisticated flash game for fun in not a lot of time

A sad game, a brutal game, a gory game, a naked game, a great game.

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14 Mark of the Ninja

Stealth, Stylish, Adventurous... A new era of sandbox starts from it. - apon

I was going to vote for shovel night but I voted for this because it's the best 2d stealth games ever and one of the best stealth games ever.

15 Trine 2

Simply amazing game. I never get tired of it.

16 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Here's a creepy one. I never played it, but it was so scary, I couldn't finish watching the YouTube video. Perfect one. - redhawk766

A chilling game, with corridors, monsters, and sanity, a new addition to the horror gaming industry. You have only 1 weapon, Stealth.

17 To the Moon

Far better than I expected, made me shed a few tears.

Definitely should be number 1

This game is very emotional. But, I don't mean just sad. it deals with a mix of emotions, from happy, distressed, to sad, and satisfied. - CutiePoops

At begining:

Yay, anime battles, this game is hilarious!

At middle-Beginning:

Ohh, that's sad... Well back to work eh?!

At End-of-middle:

Oh God, what's going on? '
Wait a minute, are they going to... No!

At a certain cutscene (with a song so beautiful I bought it - I listen to Metal):
*through sobs of complete destraughtness*, why?!
No! Huh huh huh huh... *cries for another half an hour*


WOW! ONE OF MY FAVOzuRziztES ever!

I'm buying that song.

18 Starbound
19 FTL: Faster Than Light

Challenging and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Unlike one of the other games on this list.

*Cough* Undertale. *Cough*

Those achievements are a fun challenge

Fun and challenging every time you play. 145 hours and still playing.

20 Another Metroid 2 Remake

Easily just as good of a Metroid game as Sonic Mania is of a Sonic game...and believe me, that right there is saying something. - xandermartin98

Sadly it got taken down by nintendo.

An amazing Metroid game.

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