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1 Undertale

If you didn't vote Undertale no. 1 you are going to have a bad time.

Incredible characters and astonishing music. The idea behind it really fills me with hope (and not much can nowadays).

As good as naming myself temmie and doing a full genocide run (yes, I'm currently doing this).

I haven't played but just the personality of the characters is incredible

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2 Shovel Knight

Loved this game. All time favorite, especially the DLC

Deserves number 1 but this is good, it reminds me of my child hood back in 2010, yes the nes was the only thing my dad had lool

Love the side campains like spectar of tourment. love it

Shovel Knoght is even in super smash bros ultimate!

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3 Castle Crashers

This is the most epically-stupid game I have ever played, which is what makes it so great. It's a most inspiring adventure with an awesome soundtrack and replay value, chock-full of poop jokes and silly moments. Castle Crashers does NOT take itself seriously in the slightest, and yet emerges as one of the greatest things ever produced by Newgrounds.

This game was my childhood, boys. I laughed my ass off playing Castle Crashers and it's definitely something worth checking out.

This game is epic

Loved this game as a kid - CameronBinder

Honestly I Get Why Undertale And Shovel Knight Are Above Castle Crashers But In My Opinion Castle Crashers Is My Favorite Game Tied With Terraria. I Mean Come On Who Wouldn't Love This Game, There's 34 Playable Characters And Not To Mention This Will Keep You Hooked For Life, So Yeah Castle Crashers For Life - TundraTopTenners

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4 Guacamelee!
5 Shantae (Series)

The games feels for the most the same but varies at times in good ways and somewhat different from time to time and has some unique yet sort of but still predictable story lines. Although 10 out of 10 if you ask me.

I love the Shantae games! They're so underrated and need some more love!

This should be higher than undertale

I'd put these individually, but all three (soon-to-be-four) games in this series are just all so great, and it'd be tough to pick just one! Can't wait for Half-Genie Hero to come out soon! Wayforward, you've done it again!

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6 Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is personally one of my favorite games of all time with its perfect amounts of difficulty and humor all leading up to the fact that you can unlock and play with characters from other Indie games.

So many indie games try to implement a unique mechanic that you've never seen before that completely changes up gameplay. Super meat boy doesn't give you the ability to turn back time, or to jump to an intersecting 2d plane. It doesn't have a turn based combat system mixed with bullet hell. All you do is jump from platform to platform and try not to die. I would personally find this boring if it weren't for the incredible controls and hard as nails, yet fair, platforming. It's a total blast.

RAGE, RAGE and Constant Rage, the best masterpiece of rage platforms (and humor)

This was one of the first indie games to strike big

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7 Cuphead

I haven't played the game myself, but MAN... I just love the 1930's-inspired art style of the game! The latest indie game's three years of development were well worth the wait. The game revolves around you controlling the titular character Cuphead as he and his brother must fight their way through stages and bosses in a hit-and-run spree in order to keep their souls after losing a bet to the Devil. Now the gameplay mechanic is simple: you have your character shoot enemies with their fingers in order to progress further in the game. However, what lies in store is having to traverse the expertly challenging bosses and stages that will truly test if you can keep all your HP in one piece and get an S rank, let alone actually defeat the bosses themselves. Aside from the gameplay, what really steals the show for me is the animation. Being that Cuphead's character is inspired by Mickey Mouse's (and to a lesser extent, Mugman might be inspired by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This game should ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Not only are Undertale and Minecraft indie games I like, but also this too. - TSLMasterYT


Best here hands down

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8 Fez

Awesome. Pure awesome. Except all the negative Phil Fish buzz of course.

9 The Stanley Parable

It was played by Frank Underwood in House of Cards. You know it's something else when it's shown being played by a major character on a big hit show.

I love this game, it's so clever with its different endings, and hidden endings. It's my favourite indie game by far

Hilarious yet dark game... depending on which of the EIGHTEEN endings you get!

One of the best video games period.

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10 Terraria

Gotta be honest, I didn't know it was an indie game

Way more content than Minecraft.

One of my all time favorite games. I have heard Minecraft players talk about how their game has RPG elements in it. Guess what? Terraria actually has classes in it!

If this is number 10, I would like to see a minecraft player or Sans kill the Moon Lord.

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11 Limbo

Creepy, smart, and memorable with balanced difficulty. This game is just awesome!

Definitely deserves to be in the top 10, its creepy but beautiful and has a deep story

One of the creepiest games and one of the only horror indie games to not rely on jump scares. An amazing experience

It's not only on top for it's gameplay but also for it's black and white art direction - apon

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12 Mark of the Ninja

Stealth, Stylish, Adventurous... A new era of sandbox starts from it. - apon

I was going to vote for shovel night but I voted for this because it's the best 2d stealth games ever and one of the best stealth games ever.

13 Minecraft

Not indie anymore but it is still a good game in my opinion - Pokemonfan10

Technically not an indie game anymore now that Microsoft bought it. - Smash64

Not a indie game - namesnipe

There is a reason why Minecraft is such a bestseller and the creator of the game has already accumulated millions of dollars in his net worth. This game is really something special. It shifts away from the norms of sandbox gaming and creates an entire new level of fun, raising the bar for other aspiring game-makers for years to come. When I played it, it was such an euphoric experience for me and it still is. While the single-player mode is pretty depressing after a while, it still lives up to that of a valuable sandbox single-player. The multi-player completely dominates the name of the game and overall, it's definitely an indie game deserving of its fame and attention.

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14 The Binding of Isaac

I adore this game. It's all about trying harder every time no matter how cruel the world is. The art style is pure black humor and the gameplay fit it. What I really like about this game that is is a pure EVIL but really fair -the game get harder every time you earn an achievement but also in this way you will get more loot.

I will not rest until this game surpasses undertale. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Jesus Christ. Like a horror game but, not. So many bosses and items

A Zelda ripoff, but a good one. It was originally made as an unsophisticated flash game for fun in not a lot of time

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15 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Here's a creepy one. I never played it, but it was so scary, I couldn't finish watching the YouTube video. Perfect one. - redhawk766

A chilling game, with corridors, monsters, and sanity, a new addition to the horror gaming industry. You have only 1 weapon, Stealth.

16 Trine 2

Simply amazing game. I never get tired of it.

17 To the Moon

Far better than I expected, made me shed a few tears.

Definitely should be number 1

This game is very emotional. But, I don't mean just sad. it deals with a mix of emotions, from happy, distressed, to sad, and satisfied. - CutiePoops

At begining:

Yay, anime battles, this game is hilarious!

At middle-Beginning:

Ohh, that's sad... Well back to work eh?!

At End-of-middle:

Oh God, what's going on? '
Wait a minute, are they going to... No!

At a certain cutscene (with a song so beautiful I bought it - I listen to Metal):
*through sobs of complete destraughtness*, why?!
No! Huh huh huh huh... *cries for another half an hour*


WOW! ONE OF MY FAVOzuRziztES ever!

I'm buying that song.

18 Another Metroid 2 Remake

Easily just as good of a Metroid game as Sonic Mania is of a Sonic game...and believe me, that right there is saying something. - xandermartin98

Sadly it got taken down by nintendo.

An amazing Metroid game.

19 FTL: Faster Than Light

Challenging and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Unlike one of the other games on this list.

*Cough* Undertale. *Cough*

Those achievements are a fun challenge

Fun and challenging every time you play. 145 hours and still playing.

20 Starbound
21 Cave Story

I need to play it - CrypticMemory

It's simply too great

Literally the game that started the whole indie game craze we have today

Best indie game in my opinion

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22 Dust: An Elysian Tail

Some of the best music I have heard, excellent story telling, excellent buildup! Best indie game!

My favorite indie game, and I've barely even made it far in the game - DarkShadows

23 Prey the Stars
24 Five Nights at Freddy's 2

boo - CrypticMemory


One of the best indie game series of all time in my opinion

25 Zenonia
26 Axiom Verge
27 The Long Dark
28 Go! Go! Kokopolo!
29 Papers, Please

Choose betwenn do it right or do your job

It's incredibly interesting and fast-paced. And realistic. Enjoyed. - redhawk766

Awesome storyline and fast-paced gameplay - Sparta2210

Should be #1 (only had for 6 hours though! )

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30 Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight was made by two people, basically.

It doesn't innovate or bring new astonishing things to the table, but everything it does, it touches perfection. Being as it is, I can assume that this is the best Metroidvania eve made without a doubt, and deserves to be on the top 5 list.

My top 5 would be:

1 - Minecraft
2 - Braid
3 - Limbo
4 - Hollow Knight
5 - Amnesia: the dark descent

Without a doubt the best indie game. It's an absolute masterpiece.

In a universe where many people idolized FNAF in 2014, I turned away from it. I see now that there are far better indie games out there. Like Hollow Knight. - Synchronocity

This game makes Cuphead look like a joke. Plus, the fanbase for this game is a thousand times less rabid than Cuphead's fanbase.

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31 Defcon: Everybody Dies
32 Outlast
33 Postal 2
34 The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves

Yes I love this game

35 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

It's made by Starbreeze and they made Payday 2! WAKE. UP

36 A Kappa's Trail
37 Hotline Miami

This game.. Is just beautiful. The fake retro-style fits perfectly the game, the soundtrack and the '80 theme are just awesome in my opinion. It has a weird story, as well as a secret ending. One of the best thing is killing in this game: it make you feel satisfied, on every single kill. You have to plan your kills carefully, or you'll just have to restart the level every time. You can play with your own style; Rush in with a rifle, or be stealthy with a baseball bat. I spent around 6-7 just for the main story I think. After that, you can go searching for the puzzle pieces and masks that you're missing, as well as the achievements. Really an awesome game. Hotline Miami 2 is coming out soon! THE HYPE

Hotline Miami has amazing & beautiful pixel art, great storyline, interesting characters and requires strategy and tactical thinking. Yet Undertale is number 1? I'll admit Undertale does have interesting characters, and a cool story but it just falls flat everywhere else.

Stands out above the rest because it doesn't give you garbage to fight, it gives you a fair chance while also making sure that chance isn't earned easily. It's easy to learn, difficult to memorize, but ridiculous to master.

It's also a gory fast-paced mess of fun that requires both strategy and timing to make sure you get the best score possible. Great story and soundtrack to boot as well, it's pretty unique in the world of lighthearted indie games. - Satire

Should be number 1 and not Undertale - bobbythebrony

38 Rogue Legacy

Amazing and creative

This game will swallow you up and slowly digest you in it's bloated stomach until you are reduced to a shriveled little goblin desperately battling the final boss. An' ya know ya love it.

39 I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
40 Kerbal Space Program

Agreed. Just agreed. I think this game is great, VERY underrated.

KSP is awesome. Minecraft does not deserve to be on this list.

I gone to Laythe with Jebidiah Kerman

41 Stardew Valley

This game is so amazing

How this game is so low, I'll never understand. We both know you've heard of this beauty.

Way too low on this list. Best $15 you’ll ever spend!

42 Celeste

As much as I love undertale and minecraft I absolutely adore this hidden gem. And the funny thing is I've never played it, only watched it played. but the lines are great the music is phenomenal (scattered and lost is one of my favorite game osts of all time) the platforming is hard as nails and yet it's so underrated. People like to make their characters ambiguous but when they have personality (like in kid icarus) it's a real treat. I can relate to madeleine so much as I too have heightened anxiety. Oh and Theos feather trick, I tried it, it works like a charm.

How is this not #1

Literally the most inspirational and revolutionary. I'm surprised how some of these made the list. FNAF, how?

One of the best 2D platformers I've played in a long time. A phenomenal game. - SuperSonic17

43 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

This game deserves number 1.

My all time favorites! Needso to be higher

44 Dumb Ways to Die

It has a catchy theme song, and funny mini games. Eh, why not? (But seriously I have the app, and it is so hillarious! )

45 The Journey

Naturally It's a desire of every indie gamer but you know... Its only Console game. - apon

46 Bendy and the Ink Machine

This should be 10 or higher

Awesome game!

Yeah this is much better than undertale - SuperBananagengar

47 Machinarium

Great game

Need light game? Got Intelligence? Can see far future and possibility? Play It! - apon

48 Little Inferno

This Game is AWESOME! It wastes a lot of time. Buying stuff, Burning it, getting coins, buying more, burning more, Figuring out amazing combos! I love it!

Burning things is so appealing. don't say I said that to anyone in court.

49 Bastion

Diablo style hack n slash, with a unique design and most importantly fantastic storytelling

If you were to ever combine, the Stanley Parable, with Zelda - this would be about what you got.
The music is amazing! Build That Wall (Zia's theme) is so good that I bought it!

Build it high, and build it strong,
'Cause we'll be there before too long.

Combine The Stanely Parable (also on the list) and action... You get a fiine brew.

50 Goat Simulator

It's funny, but it's not the best thing of all time. You're a goat and you have to crash into stuff. The end. - redhawk766

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