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41 Journey

Just one of those games that proves that video games CAN be a work of art.

42 Botanicula
43 Dumb Ways to Die
44 I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Love this game! Why isn't this higher?

46 Lisa
47 Machinarium

Need light game? Got Intelligence? Can see far future and possibility? Play It! - apon

48 Don't Starve V 2 Comments
49 Little Inferno

This Game is AWESOME! It wastes a lot of time. Buying stuff, Burning it, getting coins, buying more, burning more, Figuring out amazing combos! I love it!

Burning things is so appealing. don't say I said that to anyone in court.

50 Goat Simulator

It's funny, but it's not the best thing of all time. You're a goat and you have to crash into stuff. The end. - redhawk766

51 Inside

A masterpiece of an atmospheric game

52 World of Goo

Light, Innovative, Smart, Versatile, Easily Hard, Smooth... What else you need to kill spare time. - apon

53 Radiation's Halloween Hack

Most pretentious game ever. I'm dead serious. - xandermartin98

54 Five Nights at Freddy's

This game is more clever than an A level in Further Maths. Trust me.

What kind of idiot would not put this up more. this is by far the best outta these other games. FNAF is #1

V 1 Comment
55 Freedom Planet
56 Home
57 Broforce
58 Life is Strange
59 Hyper Light Drifter
60 Roguelight
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