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61 Gummo

So brutally honest, yet surreal in so many ways. Korine is a genius. Such an amazing movie about such a nihilistic town.

62 Home Room
63 Dakota Skye

Good story line! Not like the other overdone "lovey-dovey "movies. it's better described as an intriguing love interest.

Awesome characters! Totally engaging movie! One of my all time favorites.

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64 There Will Be Blood

A modern classic and a true masterpiece.

65 Tadpole
66 Bad Lieutenant

Dark and graphic, Harvey Keitel's performance is simultaneously riveting and harrowing. Not for the faint of heart.

67 Killer of Sheep
68 Bully

great movie. Honestly raw and gritty. From the same director of "Kids. " I suggest you watch this one.

69 Empire
70 The Tracker
71 Junebug
72 Til' Death Do Us Part
73 Jackie Brown
74 Wanda
75 Clay Pigeons

One of the greatest black comedies, ever!

Joaquin Phoenix, Vince Vaughn, and Janeane Garofalo are the name actors, but every performance deserves mention. The writing and direction are inspired.

I'll just say, you will never see another movie slattern to match Georgina Cates' performance, and watch for Phil Morris, as Agent Reynard, trying to get some down time, for embroidery and an episode of Lassie.

76 Psycho
77 American History X
78 Napoleon Dynamite

One of my favourite films of all time! So funny and a fantastic story of an underdog, love it! Dance scene is brilliant!

79 Winter's Bone
80 Inland Empire
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