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81 Safety Not Guaranteed
82 The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Most amazing movie with incredible actors! A must watch to all the people who appriciate good films

83 Punishment Park
84 The Station Agent

One of the best indies ever made. Light on dialogue, but there is a LOT going on here. It's about the problem of being human. - jcebbing

85 Buffalo 66
86 Pi

Great black and white gritty looking movie, the soundtrack suits it perfectly

87 Dancer In The Dark

One of the most moving, if not the most, I have ever seen. It will affect you for days. The soundtrack is also amazing!

I was in my tears and couldn't get away from my screen to get a tissue. It's shocking, sad and beautiful.
And Björk... What an actress!

88 Julien Donkey-Boy
89 Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song
90 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
91 Se7en
92 Half Nelson

If you haven't seen it, go rent it right now or watch on netflix streaming. It is an excellent underrated film that probably should have won Ryan Gosling an Oscar.

Beautiful story that feels real and honest. Ryan Gosling is superb in it. Definitely, a must see.

The most amazing film I have seen so far. The friendship that develops between the two main unlikely characters is what makes this movie so interesting and different. Not many people dive into the issues that this movie touched.
Gossling at his best by far.

93 Outsourced
94 Still Green

I think that this was a really good movie and not many people have seen it or even heard of it... I'v seen it like a million times and still loved it... I think that ryan kelley was brilliant in this movie... I give this indie film A 10/10 loved it xXx - kassybaby133

95 The Million Dollar Hotel
96 Mad Max
97 Memento
98 Leon: The Professional

Top five best of all time movies.

No women. No kids.

99 Dr. Strangelove
100 Brokeback Mountain

I still haven't been able to pull together words for my winding obsession with this overwhelming, brilliant, film.

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