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181 The Royal Concept

Their sound "On Our Way" is beautiful and catchy

This band would be higher if people knew who they were! ;) Some of their best songs are Fashion, Hurricane, Smile, On Our Way, Gimme Twice, Knocked Up and Girls Girls Girls. Check them out! Literally every song they have made is catchy, but the good kind of catchy, not an annoying song that gets stuck in your head.

182 Foxing

Great band. Not nearly famous enough, they should be way high on this list. Its sad to see I have to add them

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183 The Tallest Man On Earth
184 Red House Painters

Beautiful melodies matched with beautiful lyrics. A massively under-rated band.

185 The Growlers
186 The Avett Brothers
187 Dear And The Headlights V 1 Comment
188 The Starting Line
189 Copeland

Aaron Marsh has the most beautiful voice in the world. He could be singing about a ham sandwich and leave you in tears. - Luvaddict77

190 Mutemath

Really impressive catchy band... So underrated!

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191 Dirty Pretty Things
192 The Jealous Sound
193 The Orphan, The Poet
194 Painted Skies
195 Dashboard Confessional
196 Beirut

Do they even have a bad song? I doubt it

I'm fairly disappointed at the lack of Beirut on an already pretty bad list, but to see absolutely no mention of them anywhere is heartbreaking. Nantes and Santa Fe are some of the most creative, unique songs in years. Their gorgeous blend of orchestral influence with the fantastic voice of Condon is simply mystifying.

197 The Crookes

Getting better as they go along. Awesome tunes

198 The View

Kyle Falconer is a world-class singer, they have 4 great albums. Massive hits like Same Jeans, Wasted Little DJs, Superstar Tradesman, Shock Horror and Grace, and their live shows are always electric.

199 Doves V 1 Comment
200 The Kills

If you've gone through life without having heard The Kills, you aren't living.

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