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241 DIIV

Zachary Cole Smith, formerly a guitarist for Beach Fossils, creates something truly unique in his band, DIIV's debut album Oshin. The made-up words Smith uses truly are a testament to how unique this album is. Take one listen and you'll suddenly feel as if you're swimming in cold water. All of the members are Water signs, and it truly shows. It's more of a liquid experience than I have ever felt whilst listening to an album. The first half of this Album is calm with cooling pop songs, while contrastingly the second half feels more energetic. With DIIV's biggest hit, "Doused" you can finally see a glimpse of the things this band is headed toward: a more energetic feel while keeping the same serenity with which they began their career. There's nothing life-changing about this album but it truly is a sensory experience. It is more guitar-led than vocally led which adds a unique element. I would recommend this band and album to everyone I know and I cannot wait until their new album drops ...more

243 The Lighthouse and the Whaler

They're must listen! Venice & Pioneers simply unique!

244 The Maine
245 Somvazio

ONe of the best puertorican indie rock bands with elements of post punk and indie tronica

246 Los Petardo V 1 Comment
247 Sahara
248 Asian Kung-Fu Generation V 1 Comment
249 Jukebox the Ghost
250 Why?
251 Empire of the Sun

Walking On A Dream never gets old with it's psychedelic beats and catchy lyrics! Empire of the Sun are VERY underrated, and it's sad to see them at 191. VOTE FOR THEM!

If you don't like their song Alive then you are dead to me.

V 1 Comment
252 Kongos

Briliant band from South Africa making it International. Love their music!

253 Twin Forks V 1 Comment
254 Bookman and the Faucets
255 The Jungle Giants

How come no one has heard of this band? They're seriously amazing! Similiar to two door cinema club.

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256 Razorlight
257 Mineral
258 TV on the radio

Amazing band, highly underrated. - mangohobo

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259 Wye Oak

There amazing and their shriek album is perfect. Some of their songs were on The Walking Dead

260 Bad Suns

The best indie band ever their music is inspiring and feel-good they deserve more recognition do yourself a favor and list to them!

One of my favorite indie bands. Cool music and inspiring lyrics. I recommend listening to the songs: Cardiac Arrest, Learn To Trust and Take My Love and Run.

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