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121 Hurts

A world class band, Miracle, blind, wonderful life, illuminated. Listen to it!

122 Placebo Placebo Placebo are an English alternative rock band, formed in London in 1994 by singer-guitarist Brian Molko and guitarist-bassist Stefan Olsdal.

Awesome shows, awesome personality

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123 Silversun Pickups

Not really Indy but the first 3 albums are hard to resist. Believe you in me.

Brilliant Band - can't stop listening to Lazy Eye!

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124 Wild Sweet Orange
125 Maximo Park

One of the best bands playing now; every album has several excellent songs.

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126 Bunkface
127 Right Away, Great Captain
128 Kevin Devine
129 My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket My Morning Jacket is an American rock band formed in Louisville, Kentucky in 1998. The band currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Jim James, bassist Tom Blankenship, drummer Patrick Hallahan, guitarist Carl Broemel, and keyboardist Bo Koster.

My Morning Jacket deserves more respect. Watch their live show on David Letterman when they set up their concert stage and performed for the audience! One song? Two songs? Hell no, My Morning Jacket performed a concert!

Want to be amazed? Listen to their remake of Rocket Man

Greatest Indie band playing. True Indie

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130 The New Pornographers
131 Paper Lions

Pretty Awesome band!, reminds me of The Beatles, Travelling--good song

132 Best Coast

Best Coast is awesome! Cosentino and Bruno are such good song writers that once they come together, its hard to do wrong! Crazy For You was one of the best records 0f 2010 and The Only Place is doing just as well! They are true indie!

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133 Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo that originates from Columbus, Ohio. Currently there are two members. The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, and the drummer, Josh Dun. At the 2016 American Music Awards, they won two AMAs for Favorite Pop/Rock Artist, and Favorite Alternative Artist. Twenty One more.

This Band is absolutely amazing and have probably changed my life for good. That may sound stupid but their songs are simply flooding with metaphors and good messages. Especially love Forest, Kitchen Sink, and Car Radio. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. HIGHLY.

They are really goo they have their own genre and I love that they are really deep instead of saying what other people say they actually use their own poems and make it into amazing, catchy and deep music and I love that about them

Not really Indie at all, more of a psycho rap, hip hop, but very heavy lyrics and catchy songs! Love them!

The best indie band in my life. I never found any band that definitely like them, with 2 collab genre like hip hop and electronic but the collaboration really match. I am never get bored with their song to be honest with their unique lyrics and album like blurryface. You should listen to these songs holding onto you, trees, goner, kitchen sink, house of gold, fairy local, or polarize

134 Walk the Moon Walk the Moon

Should be #1. Their first album is the definition of indie and just nails it. Incredible album. Their second album is a bit less indie sounding, but it is also an incredible album.

Walk the moon is amazing! They have beautiful songs and so much energy in concert, I can't believe that they aren't higher on the list.

They're so good. They have that 80s vibe in some of their songs. Talking Is Hard is such a feel good album.

Listen to Shiver Shiver, Candycane Jane, Aquaman and Portugal. Enough said. Even those people who do not like indie bands have switched when they listened to WTM!
Also, I've watched them live three times and they had the same high energy all throughout those shows. Amazing! <+>
They should be higher on the list.

135 Cold War Kids

And the singer Nate has an older brother that has the hairiest ass in the world, but he speaks fluent sarcasm and smells like a cappuccino!

My favorite band in the World ever. I will get a tattoo of them! That's how good they are!

Amazing band

I won't get a tattoo of them surely but their musics extremely nice.Catchy songs!

136 Cloud Cult

You'll never hear a more devastating back story of a band, nor will you find such cathartic redemption documented across 11 albums. This band is a religion

137 The Middle East

These guys are inspiring and definitely up there with my top 10 favorites. Hit the nail on the head with expressing emotions a rare few can- worth a listen

138 One Night Only

One of my favorites bands! Wish everyone knows their songs. Lisnen to Plasticine, Say You Don't Want It, Bring Me Back Down, All I Want, Started a Fire...

139 The Paper Kites

They're nice. I'm gonna shove the "They're the best" speech, because, well, they're not. But they are nice, calm, and it's rather nice to listen to. It sounds like a gesture of Angus & Julia Stone mixed with Fleet Foxes.
Listen to "Featherstone" by them if you feel like giving them a chance.

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140 Kodaline Kodaline Kodaline is an Irish rock band. Originally known as 21 Demands, in 2012 the band changed its name to Kodaline.

Went to their concert, pretty bad. Wasted 25$ to see an untalented boy band.

Amazing band, high hopes is the best song I've heard

This band is amazing

Such a cute band

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