Best Indonesia Mencari Bakat Finalists

The Top Ten

1 Vina Candrawati

Vina is the best sand animation in Indonesia
I Love you vina

2 Yohanna Pole Dance
3 Vina
4 Putri Ayu
5 Klantink
6 Sandrina

Sandrina is the best by far...

7 Josua Pangaribuan

That's a cool boy. With the coolest voice. Indonesian boy. We proud have a very talented singer with big love to his country. HORAS! -23

Josua Pangaribuan is my inspirations

JOSUA has the most greatest voice

V 6 Comments
8 Hudson
9 Yohanna Harso
10 Abby Galaby

The Contenders

11 Fatin Shidqia Fatin Shidqia

Winner of X Factor indonesia, only 16 years and have unique voice

12 Ardhy Dwiki

Coolest dancer I ever seen :D

13 Brandon
14 Ghalih Amien
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