Best Indonesian Female Jazz Soloists

The Top Ten

Shena Malsiana

For jazz soloist just shena, because she's sound so best. She's always sing with jazz music, although that's song is dangdut, pop, or others. GOOD LUCK for SHENA MALSIANA

Love her voice and she is great arranger!

The only one Super star of jazz

She's the best one in Indonesia

Raisa Andriana

Raisa is a jazz singer who recently received an award as newcomer singer. The first album of her was released last year and it has been sold over than 200k copies

Raisaa is the best female jazz singer

Iga Mawarni
January Christy
Vonny Sumlang
Dira Sugandi
Lala Suwages
Margie Segers

The Contenders

Inna Kamarie
Ermy Kullit
Rien Djamain
Citra Skolastika
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