Best Indonesian Female Pop Groups


The Top Ten

1 Cherrybelle

Because They have good talent and good personality

I Love Cherrybelle
I always support Cherrybelle

ChiBi Is the best

A lot of talented girls. They are so cute, beautiful, girly and so amazing. They can sing they can dance with high quality. Their improvement so fast in their 2nd years of carrier at entertainment I thought they are very very wonderful. They show not only their beauty but their talent also. I'm so proud become their fans and a'm so proud become twibi. I'll support them until the end. I love them I love cherrybelle.

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2 JKT48

They are most beautiful



JKT48 is a cheerfull idol group. They're so wonderful I hope that, they can win at all nominate in this world FIGHTING JKT! 48!

JKT 48
JKT 48
JKT 48

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3 7 Icons

The best and better

Go go go 7 icons

Keep moving forwards 7Icons!

7 icons is the best...

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4 AB3/B3/B Three

Be3 is the best trio female in music industry
The best voice harmony
Good performance on stage
Really love them (nola, widi, tia)

6 Rida Sita Dewi (RSD)
7 Trio Candy
8 D'Mantans
9 She (She - Indonesia)
10 Lafrosia

The Contenders

11 Poethree
12 String
13 Samantha
14 Super Girlies
15 Minni
16 Girliez
17 Smoothies
18 BBB Girls
19 SOS

Sos GB paling keren dan paling kece^^ kemampuan dance dan vocal masing2 member gag perlu diragukan lagi. Sos fighting 911 bangga punya kalian^^

20 Blink
21 Dalagita

The best female pop groups from Indonesia, they voice so amazing.

22 5 Bidadari
23 Maskara
24 Sm*sh
25 RCM Girls
26 Darajana
27 Charly's Angels
28 Kilau
29 Stoya Stoya Stoya is an American pornographic actress, model and writer. In addition to her blog Hello Stoya she has written for publications including The New York Times, Vice, Playboy, The Guardian and Nylon.
30 Apel Band
31 Juwita Band
32 Glasswing
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