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1 Agnes Monica

Yes. She is just number 1 diva in Indonesia. She has everything that someone need to be a diva.. Great voice, good composer, good dancer, superb acting, best style and beautiful face.. What next?

Agnes Monica is absolutely the greatest singer in Indonesia. I've never met a person who is more ambitious than her. Of course she is very talented in music and entertainment. I love her dancing attitude and the character of her voice. For sure no shades, I laughed when I saw fatin added at top of this greatest Indonesian divas list. Oh come on guys, please don't even for a second get thinkin' to compare Agnes Monica and Fatin. With no doubt I can say that Agnezmo is the best diva in this nusantara. Being a Diva is not only about the ability to sing, but it is about the ability to entertain too. And at last, I proudly say that Agnezmo is the greatest diva in Indonesia, and fatin (? ) Haha.. Just forget her, cause she ain't no diva.

God Bless Her so much, God have given her a huge talent.

She brings Indonesian music quality to the top!

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2 Fatin Shidqia Fatin Shidqia

She is just number 1 diva in Indonesia. She has everything that someone need to be a diva.. Great voice, good composer, best style and beautiful face.. What next?

She's great and very talented have good future. She's have unique voices and will become the next diva indonesia

She can't even sing she cried when she fails on xfactor that is just so pathetic

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3 Tantri Kotak
4 Afgan Syahreza

Indonesian's Prince of Soul...

5 Sandy Sandoro


6 Judika
7 Sherina Munaf

She is the best.. She is smart.. She doesn't act such a diva.. Just a simply girl.

8 Vidi Aldiano
9 Sammy Simorangkir
10 Gita Gutawa

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11 Mike Mohede
12 Novita Dewi
13 Andre Hehanusa
14 Febrian
15 Indah Dewi Pertiwi
16 Tompi
17 Melly Goeslaw
18 Indah Nevertari

She has a unique voice, and (I think) one of the best female rappers in Indonesia.

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19 Petra Sihombing
20 Cakra Khan
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1. Agnes Monica
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1. Andre Hehanusa
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3. Vidi Aldiano

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