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1 Yang Terlupakan (Iwan Fals)

Since first time pubilshed in 1981, this song still popular untill now. Eternal song.

The most popular song since 90's. One of best song from Iwan Fals


its gay

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2 Berita Kepada Kawan (Ebiet G Ade)

Good song for my old friends

Siapa yang nggak suka Ebiet?

3 Why Do You Love Me (Koes Plus)

Hello hello,
I can't get the songs on my I - pad though I love to listen to these classics of all times. I know how soothing and mesmerising the music is. Please help me. To enable the songs to be played on my - I pad please

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4 Jengah (Pas Band)

The best riff EVER!

5 Sempurna (Andra and the Backbone)

The great song, acoustic's charming. The beautiful, the indonesian song song ever, I'm going to play every day

da best

It is the best indonesian song in the list...
I like the way they playing the guitar that perfecly combining with amazing romantic lyrics...
It's such a magical poetry

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6 Tentang Rumahku (Dialog Dini Hari)
7 Not With Me (Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black)

Beautiful lyrics are here

8 Mafia Hukum (Navicula)
9 Cinta Di Ujung Jalan (Agnes Monica)

Old song but gold

This song is beautifully sad.

A very emotional song

Very touchy... I love this song

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10 Cinta Dalam Hati (Ungu)

Love this the most.

Romantic songa, you maybe be addict - muhammadrizaldifallah

Yang ini lagunya sama suka saya.

I love it!

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11 Cinta Sejati (Bunga Cinta Lestari)

Very touching, beautiful, and great songs..

Please opun this song

Soundtrack of Habibie & Ainun

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12 Butiran Debu (Noah)
13 Restoe Boemi (DEWA 19)

This song is masterpiece. Both melody and lyrics very awesome, great. Ahmad Dhani who composed this song proved that he is genius..

I like their song

A great song with a great power when its be sing by Once Mekel

14 Cobalah Mengerti (Peter Pan)

Since Ariel stuck in his problem I'm quite not too respect to his attitude, but talk about music, I guess he is a great one as a musician. He's brilliant in composing a song and 'Cobalah Mengerti' is one of them!
Show your best effort as a musician...

Love all your song

Great rock song, good aranggement. Ariel always make simple but unique lyrics and brings up different colors in different song. But it still has 'Peterpan Style'. And this song is one of their masterpiece. This one rearranged in album 'Suara Lainnya'. Ariel's voice is covered by Momo 'Geisha'. But still amazing song! I can't imagine, the same song, with different arrangement, can be hits in different time.

15 Masih (Ada Band)
16 Ya Sudahlah (Bondan Ft Fade2Black)

Inspiring song with great lyrics. Bondan you did it

I like. Simple and easy to understand.

Simple and fun song

17 Separuh Aku (Noah)

Noah is the best

Simply great conposition of music and voice

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18 Adera (Lebih Indah)
19 Sekitar Kita (Krakatau)

Full humanity song with simple melody. Love this song

20 Panggilan Dari Gunung (Iwan Fals)
21 Ku Tak Bisa (Slank)

Song is very soft, clean guitar solo, And distinctive raspy vocals.

22 Perahu Kertas (Maudy Ayunda) UListen to Sample
23 Cintakan Membawamu Kembali (Dewa 19)

You will listen to the piano solo in this song? This song is a masterpiece of ahmad dhani. Best piano solo in a song ever

24 Sayang (Shae)

:) really nice song

I like this song. (I come from Thailand)

I like the rhythm!

25 Kenangan Terindah (Samsons)

Love song of a lifetime

26 Kasih Tak Sampai (Padi)
27 Karmila (Farid Hardja)
28 Semua Tentang Kita (Peterpan)

Simply great composition of music and voice
Great intro you must hear it and feel it

29 Terima Kasih (Jamrud)
30 Gemintang (Andien)
31 Halloween Night (Jkt48)
32 Bento (Iwan Fals)

The super songs from Indonesia - muhammadrizaldifallah

Simply the 2nd iwan fals's song beside bongkar.

33 Doel Sumbang (Arti Kehidupan)
34 Jangan Menyerah (D'masiv) UListen to Sample
35 Sephia (Sheila On 7)
36 Kangen - Dewa19
37 Dilema Cinta (Ungu)
38 Sakura Dalam Pelukan (Chrisye)
39 Tak Ada Yang Bisa (Andra and the Backbone)

It's very very romantic.. ^^

40 Sedari Dulu (Tompi)
41 Dekat Di Hati (Ran)
42 Hebat (Tangga) UListen to Sample
43 Symphoni Yang Indah (Once Mekel)

Beautiful n charming song from once, love this song so much

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44 Musnah (Andra and the Backbone)

Best rock song ever. Vocal typical. About the deep hatred. Of course makes the spirit.

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45 Kebyar Kebyar (Gombloh)

This is the real eternal immortal song

Best Gombloh song

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46 D14 (Edane) UListen to Sample
47 Dilema (Inori Band)
48 Dekat Namun Jauh (Inori Band)
49 Bengawan Solo (Gesang)

Best Indonesian Song ever..."

50 Tanpa Kekasihku (Agnes Monica)
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