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1 Nazril Irham (Ariel Peterpan)

Ariel will be the best no matter that everyone say about him, but I believe most of the people still love him, keep support him forever

Great vocalist ever in Indonesia. His creation is never dying and always good and good every time. You are the best.

'till the end of time.. , still ariel is the best..
Love you peterpan..
SP Palembang

I think he is professional vocalist and he has a strong character...

2 Rian (D'masiv)

I Loved his voice and all of about him ;;) more than word! Give your best Rian!

He have a great voice, natural, humble, down to earth very different!

Ka REP suaranya paling TOP and merdu sekalee

Aq suka band ini karna D'Masiv sangatlah natural...

3 Fatin Shidqia Fatin Shidqia Lubis, better known as Fatin Shidqia or Fatin, is an Indonesian singer and actress who won the first season of the Indonesian version of The X Factor in May 2013.

Fatin is original, no body else like her style in the world, she is one and only, never wanna do lip sync no matter how much she'll get paid. Always make cover song different from the original singer, quiet often even better than the real singer. What a signature voice & style. Foyah!

Jadikan Fatin sebagai Best Indonesian Vocalists

Gua Vote Fatin waktu jadi pemenang X Factor. Gua Juga Vote Fatin di

4 Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica is the best vocalist ever at Indonesia - Hrp

Stunning! Every time I hear her voice. Not only has a beauty but also very good quality of voice. She knows how to make a song sounds good. She has an outstanding talent!

For now, she's the only singer capable to compete with the world...

She's the best singer ever!

5 Ipank BIP

Full character, the best song I ever heard is "ada yang hilang" makes me shudder.

He's the best. Ariel? You kidding me, right?

6 Ashilla Zahrantiara

She is beautiful, great voice, can play guitar, and funny, he has a fan which was named shivers which means ashilla lovers

She's beauty, funny, cute, and she's always in shivers's heart :))

Shilla is my idol

The Best Singer From Indonesia, Ashila Zahrantiara, Shivers Always Support you. Jangan lupa Follback @AnnaMuthia2

7 Armand Maulana (Gigi)

This guy is a legend... He has an extraordinary stage act and has consistent voice on stage.. No doubt his the best..

8 Iwan Fals

He's the legend. His voice make my heart beat for many reasons.

He's really legend. He voiced the struggle and pain of life

Powerful lyrics and meaning

Bandingin fatin sama iwan fals kaya bandingin tai sama emas.. tapi anak alay lebih suka tai dari emas

9 Kaka Slank
10 Andy /RIF

/rif band vocalist is known for its distinctive vocal sound, attractive on stage, nothing can compare with her vocal sound, at first glance like Bono U2, eddie vedder Pearl Jam... ROCK and Roll!

He's got everything that a rock singer need. Amazing voice, cool attitude, gorgeous rock star look,... Everything. *cheers*

Strong character on vocal, great taste in fashion and /rif will always be the best rock band in Indonesia!

The hottest rock singer in Indonesia! His fashion statement with his band /rif always brilliant!

The Contenders

11 Tantri (Kotak)

She has very powerful voice.. She should be in top 3!
Keep voting ^^
She's one of the most talented Indonesian's singer

12 Fadly (Padi)


Iconic vocal...

Matthew bellamy from Indonesia calm on the stage, amazing in high tone, and number one falsetto singer on Indonesia

13 Once

Indonesian STING

14 Putri Ayu
15 Rhoma Irama

Rhoma is number one! Case closed...

16 Judika

My idol

17 Akid Mauila Husna

He was lead singer of the band G'The B0x Pizzank
Melodious voice in singing
He's like Bondan Prakoso

18 Ari Lasso
19 Duta (Sheila On 7)
20 Sansan (Pee Wee Gaskins)

Killing me inside or pee wee gaskins, you just awesome!
Bring out the different air for Indonesian music
We love ya!

21 Roy (Boomerang)

The real rock star

22 Virgoun (Last Child)

Virgoun has a tall tone for all his song.. "
He is best vocalist Indonesia ever.. "

23 Zaka Muhammad Rizqie

I like your song... I love your voice... I hope you are the best of vocalist in the world...

This is the greatest singer I've ever seen
Hairstyle looks OK and OK
Her voice was sweet and nice appearance
He is friendly and not overbearing
The new name is a true vocalist from Indonesia

Zaka is the best vocalist ever at Indonesia hrp
I wish Zaka a winner! And I Zaka Best of all! ^ ^
Zaka from Indonesia calm on the stage, amazing in high tone, and number one falsetto singer on Indonesia

He has very powerful voice.. He should be in top 3!
Keep voting ^^
He is one of the most talented Indonesian's singer

24 David (Naif)
25 Ahmad Dhani
26 Nike Ardilla
27 Krisyanto
28 Afgansyah Reza
29 Vidi Aldiano
30 Candil
31 Ian Kasela (Radja)
32 Pinkan Mambo
33 Detta (TQLA)

She is beautiful, great voice, can play instrument..

Kangen juga denger suaranya detta

34 Melly (She)
35 Rizal (Armada)
36 Andika (Kangen Band)

The king of pop melayu, maesa andika setiawan (mawla band)

37 Faank (Wali)
38 Charly (ST 12)
39 Dide (Hijau Daun)
40 Nelly Agustin
41 Pasha (Ungu)
42 Donnie (Ada Band)

So simple and melodic!

43 Bondan Prakoso

Mr. B and f2b is a very very creative band,
The coolest song is manusia sejuta perkara..

44 Glenn Fredly
45 Tria (The Changcuters)
46 Tompi
47 Beniqno
48 Widy (Vierra)
49 Momo (Geisha)
50 Sherina Munaf
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