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21 Combichrist

As much as I LOVE Rammstein, Combichrist has sort of surpassed them in the favorite industrial bands thing. But I still love Rammstein and I always will! Even though I haven't seen them live yet, I see just from watching concert footage of Combichrist just how awesome they are! Their music is just epic. No other industrial band gets my blood pumping like Combi does!

Best live band. They made the rest of the festival look like garbage by comparison.

I think these guys should be at least in the top 3 in my book

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22 Throbbing Gristle Throbbing Gristle Throbbing Gristle were an English music and visual arts group formed in 1976 in Kingston upon Hull. The band comprised Genesis P-Orridge, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson and Chris Carter.

The First and the only ones.
- Pointdexter

One of the pioneers that created industrial music. Needs to be in the top 5!

Half this list isn't even real industrial. Just rock with synthesizers and edgy lyrics. What is this madness.

These guys created industrial. They should at least be in the Top 5!

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23 The Birthday Massacre The Birthday Massacre The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian dark wave and synth rock band currently consisting of Chibi (vocals), Rainbow (guitar), Falcore (guitar), Owen (keyboard), Rhim (drums) and Nate Manor (bass), that formed in 1999 (even though the 2016 demo collection "Imagica" dates some tracks back at 1998). more.

Talented group from Toronto. Chibi has a beautiful and ethereal voice, but I wouldn't consider TBM insustrial. Excellent they are, industrial they are not. They're goth if you want an easy label to describe them with.

24 Celldweller

Oh... All you sad people who have never heard of Celldweller. I feel very sorry for you. As someone who has put "Industrial" to a whole new level that nobody ever got close to, Celldweller should be right up there with Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. Oh, and what is Bullet for my Valentine doing on this list?

Don't know why Maynard is on here with tool and APC as well as bullet (no diss to any off them but not there place) but for celldweller... Clayton is the "new kid on the block" in terms of industrial in my opinion, and this may sound weird but I like to think of him as a younger Trent (NIN) because like NIN its not really a band its one person

Just a truly great band I mean this is a list of truly amazing bands but I gotta vote for celldweller over these huge bands in just some small attempt to get at least one person to look them up. There truly a great band and klayton is a terrific vocalist with some great lyrics worth any ones time to listen to them cannot recommend this band enough.

Celldweller should be higher on the list. Klayton has consistently put out amazing material during his entire career. He is not the "new kid on the block" in terms of industrial music as he began with his project Circle of Dust in the early 90's.

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25 Stabbing Westward

I'm in Shame that Stabbing Westward is 15th, this is Haunting Me and So Wrong. What do I Have to do to prove to you this list is Torn Apart? Sometimes it Hurts when music on Television gets all the credit, Save Yourself-listen to Stabbing Westward.

Love this band. They really broke apart at their best.

26 Front 242

There is a reason Front 242 - Headhunter is track #1 on the iTunes Industrial Essentials list. I saw Front 242 live at a small University venue in Stockholm in the late 90's and I couldn't believe how heavy and intense the concert was. They made other "heavy" electronic bands at the time come across like feather-weight players.

C'mon people... who made this list? Frat boys? Front 242 were reigning kings in the industrial world for quite some time! - star242

These guys or Skinny Puppy should be #1! And not just my opinion either. The first few top ranked in this list are not even true industrial bands! This has got to be the worst music list I have ever seen!

cannot believe that the absolutely Kultband Front 242 is not in this List - muetzi

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27 Swans

Swans aren't specifically an industrial band, but if you look into their output in the 80s with albums like Filth, Cop, Greed, and Holy Money, you can definitely hear those Industrial sounds that would later be cited as influence by bands like Tool, Godflesh, Earth, Sunn O))), and Neurosis. Incredibly influential, and definitely deserves a higher rating.

28 Deadsy

There pretty good you should to em if you don't know who they are and you should check out there tom sawyer cover by (rush) its awesome

29 Orgy

Probably the most favourite band of me. Orgy is not only about "Blue monday", they have such good songs. My favourite for example are: Stitches, Fiction, Pure, Grime of the century, Wide awake and dead...

They were great then n check them out now in Julien-K an ever better techno n EBM. They did one of the best covers ever beem made other than Manson covering Soft Cell, Depeche Mode & Eurythmics. Hopefully they get back.

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30 Powerman 5000

An all-round amazing band. Great lyrics, great sound, great art, great energy. I love the sci-fi theme too. Definitely one of my all time favorites.

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31 My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult

Sex on Wheels is my Mantra. They should be first just because of their crossover to mainstream with this one song. It says a lot when others enjoy your work and they're not even Industrialites

Mostly love their song off The Crow soundtrack but it was bad ass.

The most killer band that has ever exited... it has everything you need from horror to sleeze... A higher quality of industrial music, it's simply the most satisfying band that has ever existed.

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32 Killing Joke Killing Joke Killing Joke are an English rock band formed in October 1978 in Notting Hill, London, England. The original line-up included Jaz Coleman, Paul Ferguson, Geordie Walker and Youth.

Number 29? Only a few on your top ten come close this band for raw talent. Every album including the orange self titled Killing Joke and after are great albums. Their earlier albums are no slouches either.

How is this 54? I mean, they might not be considered 100% industrial but even so, they are legends of music history and they deserve to be on the top 10 list; maybe not 1# but still near the top!

Killing joke = not industrial

They invented the genre

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33 Strapping Young Lad Strapping Young Lad Strapping Young Lad was a Canadian extreme metal band formed by Devin Townsend in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1994. The band started as a one-man studio project; Townsend played most of the instruments on the 1995 debut album, Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing.

SYL should be at number four instead of Manson.

34 A Perfect Circle

Should be in the top 10. It's one of the best bands ever! Especially since Maynard James Keenan is the vocalist!

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35 Mechina
36 Nitzer Ebb

'Down On Your Knees' by these guys is the best industrial song EVER!

Should be #1 on the list... No question... Best bass rythyms of any band on the list

ARGH! Are you serious? I only checked this out of curiosity. But the greatest band the world has ever seen, an electro-body-industrial act and they're not top of the list? Agh piss off. is the top full of guitar music? Urghh you people... please please please try 'control I'm here' for industrial dance, 'getting closer' for THE GREATEST INDUSTRIAL TRACK EVER and chrsitknows the whole of 'that total age' for the blueprint. oh and go and clean out your ears.

37 Grendel
38 Holy Cow
39 Big Black
40 Einst├╝rzende Neubauten

The only actual industrial band on this entire list. Keyboards don't make it industrial.

They are possibly the most original band on this list. They were literally industrial in their choice of instruments. They were even an inspiration to Martin Gore.

Can't believe they are not in the top ten! And Manson and rammstein are up there? This is the most true to form for industrial music of all! This and throbbing gristle are the most accurate to the term "industrial"

God's favourite band. For good reason.

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