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61 Motionless In White Motionless In White Motionless in White, often abbreviated MIW, is an American metalcore band from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Awesome band

62 Ayria

One of the few female artist out there that really has made a name for herself. As well she has been doing way before Ayria when she was a part of Epsilon Minus

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63 Current 93
64 Coil Coil Coil were an experimental group consisting of Jhonn Balance and Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson, the latter of Throbbing Gristle fame. Formed in 1982, the duo went on to create well-celebrated albums such as 1987's Horse Rotovator, 1991's Love's Secret Domain, 1999's Musick To Play In The Dark, as well more.

Probably the first worthwhile band in this list, and it's not even in the top 30. Sad

Music by people on acid for people on acid!


... An absolute master piece of perfect production.

Move this group up. Pioneers all the way.

THANKS for finding a cool one! It is really good

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65 :wumpscut:

Been around forever and has managed to gather one of the loyalist fan bases around.

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66 Rosewater

Astonishing music from Latvia!

67 Chemlab
68 Angelspit Angelspit Angelspit is an Australian Industrial music project in the cybergoth subculture that formed in 2003. Current members are Zoog von Rock (vocals, production) and George Bikos (guitar), former members include Amelia Arsenic (vocals, production, 2004-2013), Valerie Gentile (guitar, 2011-2012) and Chris more.
69 SPK
70 Pain

Why isn't this guy up there!?

The guy who makes this kind of music is a bona fide genius

Definitely in the top 10.

Pain 70#! lol stupid!

Peter Tagtgren's band.

71 Suicide Suicide
72 Godhead
73 Videodrone
74 Foetus

Listen to Nail & Hole 10 times in a row and get enlightened.

Well, for one thing, they're the only industrial band on this list, and for another, Jim Thirlwell is probably the best industrial musician on the planet.

Interesting to see a guy who hates to be called industrial act, but yes for me he was and perhaps still is one of the biggest insipirational industrial projects

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75 Hocico
76 Ruoska

Can't believe they're so low on the list! Very unique sound, check out the rabies and radium albums, pure gold. And the song Alistaja, crank up the bass and it'll blow you away.

77 Acid Android

L'arc~en~ciel's drummer yukihiro solo band
amazing band - ronluna

78 Emilie Autumn

Such a beautiful, unique voice. Her lyrics are so powerful. In my opinion she is one of the best voices in rock! And she's stunning!

No-one rocks a violin like her.
Not a lot of people have the amazing voice-range she has.
No-one is as bad-ass as this little doll.

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79 Mad Capsule Markets
80 Assemblage 23

More industrial than VNV, more ethereal than NIN. Perfect Industrial. Listen to the Burukusu remix of "Spark," or listen to "Dissappoint." Play "Flourescent Skies;" in mixed company. The uninitiated will stop to ask you who it is.

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