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Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte and Industrial Metal band consisting of Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (guitar), Oliver Riedel (electric bass), Christoph Schneider (drums) and Christian Lorenz (keyboard), that formed in 1994 in Berlin . ...read more.


If you could get any more industrial, it wouldn't be a band. It'd be a factory. In terms of quality, just watch the music videos. Here is a band that places emotion, effort, double and hidden meanings in their music and videos in comparison to the sports cars and sunglasses that many other bands rely on (mostly outside industrial thankfully).

In regards to Tool, it's progressive metal that, like whisky, requires an acquired taste to get into. Great once you have it.

Just saw them live recently one of the best live performances I've ever witnessed. Combichrist opened for them and I was extremely disappointed with there set.

Greatest band to ever emerge from Germany in this genre! Brilliant drumming by Christoph Schneider and the excellent melodious voice of Till Lindemann. Flakey "Flake" the commedian of the sextuplets delivers the best electronica keyboard work in this format with strong guitar work from Paul, Ollie & Richard. My absolute favourite Industrial Metal Band which can also turn out a decent ballad too! Classed as New German Hardness in thier Native land.

Rammstein is not only my number one industrial band, but a great band in general. Captivating music, lyrics that reach your heart, a very talented vocalist. They can be hardcore, romantic, critical and many other, but they can't leave you untouched. They have a charming kind of bare humanity. Even if you don't speak German, you will 100% enjoy them.

I agree 100%. They are my heroes. I don't know what I would be if I never found them. They are so unique, powerful, inspirational, and just amazing. They have been my favorite band for the longest time and they always will be. I'm so glad they are number one because they damn deserve it. M/

Rammstein is not the best of Industrial Metal. Rammstein is the Best Band of all.
Best Rock Band
Best Metal Band...
Rammstein is doing very good stage show. They are not just work friends. They are best friends. So they have never broke the band.

Rammstein is my favorite industrial band! But I've been getting more into the genre and wondering if there are any Russian, or American, Or French, or Spanish, or even Italian bands like them! Please let me know

Saw them live last year - have bought tickets to go again next year as they are one of the best live performances with regards to quality, and a awesome show. Put other bands to shame regarding effort they put into their shows.
Also one of my favourite bands of all time - all their songs are so catchy and addictive.

Rammstein have created a totally unique sound that I have never been able to compare with any other band. They are undoubtedly the best Industrial band, and personally for me, the best band I've ever heard!

Ramstein is totally best and their live performance and keyboard play is far the best! 11

Rammstein should be higher on this list, I agree. I don't no hardly any German and still can understand them. KEEP rocking' RAMMSTEIN! Rita in FLA loves you, eternally!

One of the greatest bands ever. Brilliant lyrics, amazing live shows, fantastic videos and, of course, music. 5 talented musicians and 1 unique vocalist.

Amazing live show, not a single bad album, and really excellent music videos as well. They stay true to the band concept and haven't sold out in any way.

Rammstein is in a league of their own, and whoever is in second place, doesn't come close to the kings of industrial metal. Long may they reign.

Don't sing in English and have still managed to take a huge chunk of ppularity in the metal music scene. they rule! Rammstein Fur Immer!

Rammstein deserve to be higher on the list. They rule.

Best live band of all time, end of story no more to say

I have passed so many hard days by listening them. They are the best and no other even close to them.

Rammstein! I love Rammstein because in all of them sings I find meaning, find real words to think and to do! They do, so I vote!

Saw them live in Johannesburg in South Africa. Setting anyone a lite on a stage deserves first place Heil Rammstein!

Rammstein rocks harder than anybody.

Six albums on and not one disappointment yet. Awesome, live shows too, nobody can beat them on that level.

It is so appealing you end up listening to a language you might not even understand. And still enjoy it.

I love the voice of their vocal Till Lindemann its amazing and they song is 100 percent industrial - Mansonlooks

This is real industrial music! You will never find a better industrial band that Rammstein! - rock2metal