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21 I Sit on Acid - Lords of Acid
22 Oh My F***ing God - Strapping Young Lad
23 Stateless - C-Tec
24 Standing - VNV Nation

One of the most beautiful electronic songs of all time! - enderderp

25 Terrible Lie - Nine Inch Nails
26 F***machine - Combichrist
27 Risen - KMFDM

It's everything industrial should be. it has groove, percussion perfection and great lyrical content. Tim Skold... enough said. -

KMFDM are INCREDIBLE. everything they do is just insanity... this song is so groovy. - TreCoolness

Not even close to the best KMFDM song... But close enough

28 The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

I especially like the ghost sound effects in the background.

Not in top ten... weird

29 Join In the Chant - Nitzer Ebb
30 Microwaved - Pitchshifter
31 More Human Than Human - White Zombie
32 Kill the Lights - The Birthday Massacre
33 Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails

Easily one of Reznor's best.

This should be their signature song.

34 Fukken Uber Death Party - Hanzel und Gretyl
35 And All That Could Have Been - Nine Inch Nails
36 Purgatory - Assemblage 23
37 Juke Joint Jezebel - KMFDM

One of their best songs ever, and definitely the best known.

38 Shut Me Up - Mindless Self Indulgence

This song is a really fun song. MSI are a very upbeat industrial punk band, if you haven't heard them before just do it! -

One of my favorite songs ever!

39 No More Love - God Lives Underwater
40 Coma Black - Marilyn Manson
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