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1 Heavyweight

When I first heard it I wondered if it really is a track or are my speakers having an orgasm.. One must listen to dis before dying...

I am literally addicted to this song. I thought about it all day when I heard it, and got a bad grade on my math

If you what something good to think about all day, think about this.

I love this song. It is inspirational. Makes me want to make a whole movie about it and just share these visions with everyone.

I only really like classical (romantic) music like Beethoven and then I found these dudes and now my playlists look really weird...

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2 Saeed

ARE YOU KIDDING THIS IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE MOST EPIC SONG OF ALL ETERNITY! Like seriously, I am inspired every time i listen to this. It's gold.

Simple but enormously powerful lyrics, building such an epic crescendo with each iteration as it progresses to a melting of that perfect sound so rarely achieved. With the combination of building energy and the nature of the lyrics I can't help but feel the pain, passion, and hope of this marvelous song time after time after time, again and again and again. Where I can get acclimated to the powerful tempos and techno beats of other I'm songs after a while, Saeed is one that each and every time I listen I become impassioned, thrilled and just damn awed by the time if finishes. Bravo guys! BRAVO!

A song that literally gets better and better the farther into it you get. EVERY time I listen to this song, I get chills. Just, incredible. The way they can take a smooth nice start and lead into something so completely powerful and moving is amazing. This is the song that made me determine that infected mushroom was my favorite techno band and in the top 5 bands of all time to me. It just never gets old.


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3 Becoming Insane

Awesome song
The quality of the comment is poo right now so I think I need to type more stuff so... Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey encyclopedia hamburger and fries

its just simply great... no other words

I like the original vocals in side of this track more than the instrumental at the beginning, this track introduced me to the wonderful world on electronic music but more importantly psy trance

This is the best I've ever heard from infected mushroom

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4 The Messenger 2012

Exceptionally intricate sounds to keep you in the mood!

This is not a track. It's 8 tracks put together in one. After one month, I'm still discovering it, maybe it's just me, but this is the best track ever in my opinion

This song must be number one

This is some DAAMN good stuff

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5 Converting Vegetarians

Easily the most awesome infected mushroom song, followed by cities of the future

This song introduced me to Infected Mushroom, that's why it gets my vote! I do love it a lot!

Should be higher. Maybe not #1, but it's difficult for me to not think of this masterpiece when I think I'm

So much depth. A mastery of music.

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6 Cities of the Future

Very rightly placed in the list. One of the amazing songs of I'm. It seriously makes you wonder

Most powerful psychedelic trance song ever

Iv been listening to this song on and off for the last 9 years

7 Dancing With Kadafi

This song is very good. It has a great sense of progression throughout the song, and I love the instruments used.
Great song. It should be higher on the list.

My feel good song. It is so amazing! Brilliant! Created by geniuses.

My fave song on the planet. I've always said this is the song I want played at my funeral. Definitely should be more Classical Mushroom and BP Empire higher up the list. Vicious Delicious is solid too though, so I don't completely begrudge it the top two spots. But BP and Classical definitely deserve more love in this list.

Woah I'm either so cheeched I missed or YOU f@$%KING MORONS FORGOT ABOUT DANCING WITH KADAFI! Fools!
Honestly I think converting vegetarians to vicious delicious was the golden age, the fact that anything else is in the top 10 is apalling.

8 Stretched

This track is brain damage, its guitar and insane vocal is very orgasmic to me

A very perfect combination of heavy guitar riffs, guitar solos, piano and singing.

Just one of their best...brilliant - espyorkshireman

9 Project 100

This is easily Infected Mushrooms most well-rounded song. It has their signature variety, melodic potency, and crazy distorted sounds that you'll never hear anywhere else. The intro fills you with energy, the middle takes you for a ride, and the ending gives you the feels in such a way that very few electronic tracks can achieve. Truly wonderful.

Combining the new style with the old eccentrically well, fusing guitars and electronic synth harmonically without compromising on the melody! the melody rules!

This song is a masterpiece. The melody, the electric guitar, the orgasms when the awesome parts comes. If I could, I would marry this song.

I love project 100!

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10 The Rat

Best introduction in the entire Techno genre, and I've been listening to various types for a long time; especially if you have really good bass.

The rest of the song is amazing as well, but I keep going back to that damn intro..

Where to start on this song, geez louise. It's perfect in every way.

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11 Pink Nightmares

Just listening to this song makes my day. Awesome!

This song is dope. Love the vibes from it!

This is one of my favorite songs...

Wow I don't know how this isn't on the list I mean z listen and up vote please

12 Can't Stop

Every time I'm on drugs it's the only song that I can't get enough of it. It's AWESOME! I played it for my friends yesterday you should have been there to see what it did to them

Hey hey hey... Ths song is placed at wrong numbrr in this list... It should be on top

13 Bass Nipple
14 Deeply Disturbed

Just an Amazing song.

I went to trance when I heard it first time this track

I'm deeply.. in love! Amazing song!

This one is like 1 of my all time favourates

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15 U R So F*****

ONLY 22! MODERN BEST SONG? From mushrooms

16 I Wish

Kinda short but I really enjoy this song a lot, its pretty good for a shower song actually, the singer is awesome as well

The vocals in this song are awesome and so is the music!

One of the best songs I've ever heard

17 Bust a Move

This classic Infected Mushroom song combines raw instruments and electronics to create a song that is perfectly equilateral in both senses. Combine this with the complete feeling change at 5:42 and the song's progressively dramatic tone will give you a masterpiece to remember Infected Mushroom's name.

This should be number 1, seriously Becoming Insane is so overrated, Infected have a bunch of other amazing songs like Vicious Delicious, Cities Of The Future or Project 100.

Best one due to sound quality and interesting effects. Creates a feeling of driving a yacht. Very inspiring and extremely energizing.

Epic song, swirls you to a natural trance and then ends with a perfect electrical classic Bach style riff.

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18 I'm the Supervisor

This is the one and only. When I want to feel happy I go down to my basement and play this song on a very very loud volume. Cannot stop smiling...

Amazing song <3
(greetings from Greece)

1. I'm the supervisor
2. Cities of the future
3. Deeply disturbed
4. Bust a Move
5. Suliman
6. Psycho

19 The French
20 Suliman

love the melodies

And by the way the sound at 02:11 is a turtle a shoe! You can Google it

At 03:11 it becomes legendary...

21 Nation of Wusses

New song from their latest album. Amazing beats, clear bass, engaging tempo... Overall, a highly recommended listen

22 Now Is Gold

Unbelievable. My favourite one after Bass Nipple.

The incredible drop at the end is one of legend

23 Elation Station

This track is so soothing and chill. It starts beautifully, and slowly turns funky, and then back to soothing. Its great, and possibly one of my favorite songs.

Love this soft sounding track. Feels like floating in the air.

24 Smashing the Opponent
25 Jeenge

Please listen to this track because not only should it be in the list up should be high on this list - espyorkshireman

26 Tasty Mushroom
27 Muse Breaks

Awesome song! They made a good remix out of the original one.

Impossible this song is not in the list!

28 Never Mind

This songs needs to be more higher in this list!

Such a great beat. Download it and check it out

One of their most underrated songs... you could really dance or trip out to this

This song is amazing. You had to listen to it in a hi fi system to enjoy it at its maximium glory

29 The Messenger

Builds up very nicely. Simply fantastic, it is definitely in my top 5

30 Vicious Delicious

This song starts out very unassuming but culminates in the most epic build up ever. Not even hyperbole. It never gets old. This is should be ranked higher!

No question about it, this song has the best build up of all songs ever made. Makes me sweat every time I listen to it!

I would like to say thank's to all my friend that they had released an actual a delicious and, I like it too's

Hmm how can pink nightmares be higher than this?...i worry about music tastes when I see things like this... - espyorkshireman

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31 Franks

Why is this so low in the list? Should easily be in the top 10. Cool track with an awesome end

It should be in the top tens

One of the best psytrance song ever made

Cabooom! Oh yes, 2nd best for me! After saeed

32 Killing Time

I've never heard anything like this song before, and I can't find another Infected Mushroom song like it. If you can, please tell me... I want more like Killing Time!

I created the list and personally I LOVE THE VOCALS in this song!

This one should be in the top 5.

I love Infected Mushroom. But I'm particularly obsessed with Killing Time.

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33 Special Place

Surprisingly mellow. Surprisingly not.

One of my favorites, I love the voice

34 The Pretender

My favourite electro song

35 Savant On Mushrooms

Those vocals... And I love both Savant and I'm :P

36 Wanted To

I don't know why this song isn't on the list. This song introduced me to Infected Mushroom and I think it's the best one I've heard out of them, one of the reasons is about at the 0:54 min mark there is a purely awesome sounding voice in the background and right after is a wicked beat.

Should be higher...simple as that - espyorkshireman

This should be in top ten

37 Artillery

First hear to this and make your rating... Amazing work.. You can hear to this all day long... HEAVY WEIGHT must be 1 and SAEED must be 2...

How come its at 28. this tracks has go lots of rage within

Very rocky ending! Must be higher in this list!

Must be much highet, jenious song

38 The Legend of the Black Shawarma

Amazing lyrics with sheer perfect beats. Infected mushrooms nailed it


39 Never Ever Land
40 Trance Party
41 Illuminaughty

Illuminaughty is one of my favorite songs from Converting Vegetarians.
It has a very good beat to it, and the vocals compliment it perfectly.

The females voice it's so powerful for all those who enjoy intricate music try this out

A very underrated track

42 Disco Mushroom

Always loved the percussion in this!

43 End of the Road
44 Facing

The last 3 minutes of this song is epic! One of the most underrated and not much known Infected track. Released between B.P. empire and Converting Vegetarians albums.

45 Shakawkaw

This is one of the best infected mushroom songs, I believe it's not in the list because it's not known enough...

This should be in top ten list

This is the first song I heard from them, and still consider it the best. How could you forget it? :O

46 Spaniard
47 Evilution
48 None of This Is Real
49 Psycho

You hear it inside your brain. No ears, just brain.

Raw track from their first album! Love it! It's a classic!

50 I Shine
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