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1 Be Mine

This song is very cool I mean all of their songs are really good but this one is the BEST. I'm not really an avid fan of Infinite but when I heard this song, I found myself looking through Infinite in the internet and I am also buying their albums and posters. To be honest when I heard this song on the MTV I didn't like it at first but when you listen to it carefully you will absolutely like it INSPIRIT!

This was the song that made me become an Inspirit. The chorus was amazing and the dance moves portray so much longing and emotion.

This song is amazing, I always find myself singing to this song.

Awesome dance moves and more to the hip-hop side

2 Nothing's Over Nothing's Over Cover Art

I mean this song just gives you the feeling. You can sing this song when you are sad or happy. When you are sad, even just humming the chorus would make you feel better. When happy, I dunno but base on myself I would actually smile more than before. Haha probably its just myself liking infinite too much...

I always find myself singing this song, no matter where I am! And usually the people who sees me thinks I LOST IT!

This song is always in my head! Love it

The melody is just perfect. It gives hope with a happy tune.

3 Paradise Paradise Cover Art

I like all parts of paradise. The begging, middle, end and even the rap especially dongwoo's part. I enjoy listening to it every time. Paradise is my first and I just realized that today! Oh yeah I adore the choreography. Actually Infinite songs are all meaningful, enjoyable and just great!

I was amazed by their performance and perfect live. I couldn't stop singing Paradise for the whole time!

It's so cathy 1 of my fave songs from infinite chorus is awesome 2 good!

Their voice when the start chorus is very cool.

4 BTD (Before the Dawn)

I couldn't choose between BTD, Be mine and Chaser but I HAD to go with BTD because I just can't stop listening to this song! I don't know what it is about it but it's so god!

This song... TOTALLY WORTH DYING FOR! The chorus... I was drooling! (okay not literally... That is just too disturbing an image to imagine ) But seriously this was the song that introduced me to K-POP and INFINITE!

The melody of the song is really good... the first time I heard the song, I can't forget it anymore.

This is the first ever I watch INFINITE's MV, having goosebumps because of the majestic song and even replaying the scorpion dance part to see whether it's edited or not laugh out loud it looks unreal perfect

5 Come Back Again

It's very catchy and shows off each person's voice very well.

Do I really need to explain

6 The Chaser

The instrumental composition of this song is awesome, I can say without a doubt that this is their best song so far.

First of all Sungyeol's part in this is totally awesome! And I love the chorus and the lyrics! My favourite song along with Paradise and Man in Love!

The music was really different and it was really nice to keep listening

The instrumental composition is really awesome!

7 Bad Bad Cover Art

I started listening Infinite a while ago but among all these songs (even though I think other songs are great, too) I just can't get this song out of my head. I think the dance performance is pretty amazing too. Best song ever!

Bad is just an awesome song! This song is reason why I started loving Infinite

Bop of the year, deserves to be number one.

BEST SONG EVER! Very first song I listened to of them and I was amazed!

8 Back

Another majestic song from INFINITE yet another amazing dance. Too bad that this song only got 1 win on music show.

I think this song must to be on top of the list. Because it has a lot of emotion feelings...

I can't say that Back is #1 among their songs but I choose it, because BACK is the reason that now I'm an inspirit.

I love this song and can listen to it for days!

9 Last Romeo

I just love this song♡ and plus the choreography and concept are really cool. INFINITE Fighting!

Because sung jong is so cool in that mv and the song is cool

In this song I've found that L is truly my last romeo!

So lovely

10 Destiny

The song is way too cool... 'you're my destiny! :

I love their dance. I love INFINITE to much.

Their dance so cool..i like Myung so voice..

L is so cool in this song's mv.

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11 Man In Love Man In Love Cover Art

I started to notice this infinity boy band is because of this song. This song is very historical and consists of many story in the deep of my heart. I become an inspirit is also because of this song. I like it. They perform this song very well, just like a man who is in love!

I love the Japanese version of Main in Love. they're all charming and innocent-looking.

Because of this song, I start admire INFINITE BAND

I can hear this song all day. It is so good

12 Voice of My Heart

I'm crying while listening this song through Second Invasion DVD. Beautiful.

I love thiss song!

13 White Confession


14 Cover Girl Cover Girl Cover Art
15 Can You Smile (Remake)? Can You Smile (Remake)? Cover Art

This song makes me happy and I think it's so beautiful song

I just love this song

This song calms me.

This song totally caught my attention. Whenever I'm sad, this song never failed to cheer me up. ^_^

16 She's Back
17 Amazing Amazing Cover Art

Awesome chorus, I just love the song.

18 The Eye The Eye Cover Art

I like the rhythm,lyrics,dance,and how well it fits with the sound of rain.

19 Feel So Bad Feel So Bad Cover Art

Such an underrated song! Along with follow me, this is the best kpop song I have ever heard. Be mine and Back are a close seconds.

20 D.N.A

İt's the Best song İ ever hear in İnfinite it's so...
İ can't Express my Feeling it has so many Feeling that hearing The Song♡♡♡♡

21 Inconvenient Truth Inconvenient Truth Cover Art
22 Only Tears

This just shows perfection from Infinite...

This song has rather emotional vocals, something that I didn't expect from Infinite. But they managed to make it amazing! This song is one I can listen to whenever and it'll make me feel happy


23 Dilemma
24 1/3 1/3 Cover Art
25 Inception
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