Best Instrument Brands

What do you think is the best instrument brand? Don't go adding something like SEGA or Entertainment Studio!!!

The Top Ten

1 Yamaha

Currently one of the best music brands that promises high quality to your instrument :) I recommend looking for a yamaha version first unless it's a brass instrument then continue to # 2 - Sadako

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2 Farkus

An underrated brand but the god of brass quality! - Sadako

3 Cannon

Allways fools me into thinking of the camera company but Cannon is not to shabby - Sadako

4 Go Pro V 1 Comment
5 Holton

Nothing special but over all better than most - Sadako

6 Hal Leonardo

Great for beginners! I recommend getting a hal Leonardo ver for anything if your a beginner! Horrible for experts fyi - Sadako

7 Pearl

Percussion Heaven Right here! If Your in percussion don't look any farther for the best drums! - Sadako

8 Sony V 1 Comment
9 Selmer

Deserves a to be in top number 2

10 Audio 2000

Ok, not the best but not the worst - Sadako

The Contenders

11 Eko
12 Jupiter
13 Moog
14 Fatar
15 ARP
16 Gibson
17 Maxam
18 System Blue
19 Nuova
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1. Yamaha
2. Farkus
3. Cannon



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