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41 Takillya (Black Label Society)
42 Don't Start (Too Late) (Black Sabbath)
43 This is How I Disappear (My Chemical Romance)

My Chemical Romance has best songs one of his song This Is How I Disappear has great instrumental rock music. so my request is to checkout this! I'm sure you'll add this legend song!

Not really an instrumental but its still very good! The guitars are very good on record and even better live. Drums are just as good.

44 Beck's Bolero (Jeff Beck)
45 Dialectic Chaos (Megadeth)
46 The Kill (30 Seconds To Mars)
47 Cliffs of Dover (Eric Johnson)

Cliffs of dover is in top20 in greatest guitar solos of all time by rolling stone magazine... This is the most unfair thing ever...

Listen to this song and you'll know why it's the best instrumental ever created. Ever. Awesome solo

A true masterpiece

This is the smoothest and most kickass rock instrumental in history.

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48 Nightmare (Avenged Sevenfold)

I don't get this list. Almost half of songs here aren't instrumental. Is is about rock songs with great instrumental uses where vocals doesn't matter? - zxm

A7X's best song to date, up there with the best songs ever written for mainstream metal - mafree

49 Impulse (An Endless Sporadic) V 1 Comment
50 Toxicity (System of a Down)

With the lyrical genius/intensity added to Toxicity, much like all other System of a Down songs, fused with the instrumental work, it's one of the best metal/rock songs you can hope to find out there.

It's one of the best instrumental rock songs and best lyrics and a kind of song showing some rasons, the reason that's real for what we're facing now. No one can't say will never be again. But it's a kind perfect by the nature, we are to say at the end.

51 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (The Allman Brothers Band)

jazz-rock at it's best particularly on the Filmore east version amazing a million times better than anything on this list! - crazynutjob

52 Marooned (Pink Floyd)

So beautiful and yet depressing. Makes the hairs on my neck stand up

Marooned is so beautiful, I think it deserves higher rank then 52.

53 Layla (Derek and the Dominos)
54 Radar Love (Golden Earring)
55 Spanish Fly (Van Halen)

By far the fastest acoustic guitar song ever,

56 Jungleland (Bruce Springsteen)
57 Killer (Alice Cooper)
58 The Road of Lords (Tak Matsumoto)
59 Always with You, Always with Me (Joe Satriani)
60 A Warm Place (Nine Inch Nails) V 1 Comment
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