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81 Light My Fire (The Doors)
82 Behind My Camel (The Police)
83 Melissa's Garden (Steve Vai)
84 Welcome Home (Coheed and Cambria)

Simply the most epic song ever written - mafree

85 Pulse of the Maggots (Slipknot)

Perhaps Slipknots most under rated song to date. - mafree

86 Atom Heart Mother (Pink Floyd)
87 From Yesterday (30 Seconds To Mars)
88 NoGod (Aozora)
89 Hibernation (Ted Nugent)
90 Ain't No Rest for the Wicked (Cage the Elephant)
91 Frozen Sky (Norther)

Better than all the others here. Makes you feel like heaven when you listen to it. Try once if you don't believe me.

92 Touch Me (The Doors)

The Doors actually have talent and they have things to say. And the things they say aren't always about anger, depression, sadness, or heartbreak. They go way beyond topical song writing and I hold them in the highest esteem along with Bob Dylan.

93 Snowbound (Arch Enemy) V 1 Comment
94 Bye Bye Beautiful (Nightwish)
95 Brighton Rock (Queen)

This QUEEN song is the most amazing thing EVER! You've Got to hear it to believe how magnificent it is and how brilliant QUEEN is!

96 Roundabout (Yes)

I cannot believe they are not on this list.
They were some of the greatest prog rock groups. They're like Rush, but in my opinion, exponentially greater. I highly recommend having a listen.

97 The Rock (The Who)
98 Technical Difficulties (Racer X)
99 Hocus Pocus (Focus)

Classic riff, excellent solos. One of the best early progressive rock bands ever.

Tjis Van Leer and Jan Akkermann tied for Guitar Player Magazine's: Guitar player of the Year, for this song.

100 Watch This (Slash)
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