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101 Brighton Rock (Queen)

This QUEEN song is the most amazing thing EVER! You've Got to hear it to believe how magnificent it is and how brilliant QUEEN is!

102 Roundabout (Yes)

I cannot believe they are not on this list.
They were some of the greatest prog rock groups. They're like Rush, but in my opinion, exponentially greater. I highly recommend having a listen.

103 The Rock (The Who)
104 Technical Difficulties (Racer X)
105 Hocus Pocus (Focus)

Classic riff, excellent solos. One of the best early progressive rock bands ever.

Tjis Van Leer and Jan Akkermann tied for Guitar Player Magazine's: Guitar player of the Year, for this song.

106 Watch This (Slash)
107 Rumble (Link Wray)

Easily the best instrumental with one of the most influential artists of ALL TIME. Also check out Death Grips sample of this in Exmilitary (Brilliant album). - swagmaster97

Easily the best instrumental from one of the most influencial music artists of ALL TIME. - swagmaster97

108 Fractured Mirror (Ace Frehley)
109 One (Metallica)

Great song, not an instrumental though

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110 The Count of Tuscany (Dream Theater)

This is not instrumental what the hell.

111 The Glass Prison (Dream Theater)
112 Beast and the Harlot (Avenged Sevenfold)
113 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)

This is far from a instrumental. - Sabbath

114 Two Weeks (All that Remains)

Epic instrumental, strong and energetic, plus meaningful lyrics that mesh perfectly with the beat - mafree

115 What I've Done (Linkin Park)


116 The Kingmaker (Diamond Head)
117 Lenny (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
118 Feedin the Box (Blues Saraceno)
119 Apache (The Shadows)
120 Hamburger Train (Primus)
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