Yo mamma jokes


Yo Momma Jokes

  • Yo mommas so dumb she stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to say go!

  • Yo mama so dumb she stared at da orange juice bottle cause it said concentrate

  • Your momma is so fat that when she stepped on the scale it said one at a time please.

  • Yo mammas so fat you could slap her legs and ride the waves

  • Yo mama so dumb she sold her car for gas money

  • Yo Mama's so fat, she got baptized at Sea World.

  • You're mom's so stupid, she got locked up in a super market and starved

  • Yo Momma is so fat she walked out in high heels and came back in flip flops.

  • Yo' Momma's So Fat When her beeper goes off, people think she's backing up.

  • Yo mama's so fat when she ordered a water bed they layed a blanket on the Pacific Ocean

  • Yo mamma's like a shotgun, one cock and she blows.

  • Yo mama so dumb that when I said "christmas is just around the corner" she went looking for it!

  • Yo Mamma's so fat it takes two busses and a train to get on her good side.

  • Your mom is so stupid, I said it's chilly outside, your mom ran outside wit a bowl and a spoon and asked where??

  • Yo Momma so fat she stepped on da scale and and it said to be continued...

  • Yo Mama's so poor, when I was asking why she was banging on the dumpster she said, "My kids locked me out."

  • Yo Momma so dumb when she saw a bus with white people in it she said, "Go catch that twinky."

  • Yo mommas so fat, she has to use a matress for a tampon.

  • Yo mamma's so stupid, she jumped off a boat and missed the water.

  • Yo mama's so fat, when she stepped on the dog's tail we had to change his name to Beaver.

  • Yo momma's so fat that when she goes outside in her yellow jacket people say "Look it's the magic school bus!!!"

  • Yo Mamma so fat that when the school bus drives by she yells STOP THAT TWINKIE!

  • Yo Mama so fat she went into a zoo and a zookeeper said, "Oh boy...another elephant got out!"

  • Yo mamma so stupid, it took her two hours to watch 60 minutes

  • Yo mamma is like a brick, flat on both sides and gets laid by mexicans!

  • Yo mama's so fat that when she went to wal-mart she tripped over k-mart and hit target!!!!:-D

  • Yo momma is so fat, she stepped on a dollar and made change.

  • Yo mama's so poor when I saw her kickin' a can down the street, I asked her what was she doing and she said she was movin'

  • Your mammas so stupid she got locked in mattress store and slept on the floor.

  • Yo mama so fat she sat on a rainbow and skittles came out....

  • Your mama is so fat she jumped in to the ocean and the whales stated to sing we are family.

  • Yo mama's so fat she has her own zipcode

  • Yo Momma is like a doornob, everyone gets a turn.

  • Yo mamma's so fat she fell in love and broke it

  • Yo Mama's so fat, when she stepped onto the scale it said "to infinity and beyond!"

  • Yo Momma so fat, when she went to swim in the ocean she said "Oops I'm in the kiddy pool!"

  • I thought you were ugly ... and then I met your mama

  • Yo Mamma is like a hockey playa, she doesnt changer her pads for 3 periods!

  • Yo Momma's so ugly on Halloween, people go as her.

  • Yo momma's so fat that when she jumped for joy she got stuck!

  • Yo Momma is so fat that her cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard.

  • Yo' mama so fat, she has to make a long distance call to talk to herself!

  • Yo Momma so fat her tanning bed was Mexico!

  • Your momma is so retarded she got stabbed in a shootout.

  • Yo momma's so fat, she walked in front of the t.v and I missed a whole series of friends!

  • Yo momma is so fat, she's taller sideways.

  • Yo Mamma so stupid that she went to Dr. Dre for liposuction.

  • Yo Momma so dumb, she sat on the TV to watch the couch

  • Yo momma's so fat, she uses the pacific ocean to take a bath.

  • I'm not here... but yo mama is ;-)

  • Yo Momma's so horny, when she found out Winnie the Pooh had no pants, she a got a boner.

  • Yo momma so greasy they hired her at the cinima to put the butter on the popcorn!

  • Yo Momma so stupid her favorite color is clear.

  • Yo mamas so fat that at the circus she nicknamed the elephant pee wee.

  • Your momma's so fat that when she fell in the forest, the loggers said "TIMBER"!

  • Your momma is so fat that when she sweats she can be used as a steam roller.

  • Your momma's so fat she has to use the ocean as her toilet!


Lolz... you probably got the "concentrate" one from Jeff Foxworthy, or its just a hilarious coincidence. - fireinside96

OH MY GOD that is Hilarious it made me laugh hohohohohohohohohohoho - SmoothCriminal

lol on all of them
- visitor

yo mamma so fat she went up in space and the planets said OH DAMN BACK IT UP! - dissthisnoob

Your mama is so old she sat behine jesus in the third grade - visitor

Oh my god! Who comes up with these? These are briliant!
- visitor

ur momma's so fat when she jumps everyone screams earth quack and ur mother is so fat when she weres green to china everyone screams its god zilla - visitor

omg make more
- visitor

i dont know about you but i went in to the finals on telln people the mamma jokes and some people are scarred for life on what i said!!! - visitor

yo mama so dummm she locked her self in foodforless and said she was hunngy - visitor

lol love th jokes keep them coming
- visitor

lmao lol this shxt funny as hell - visitor

So funny make more reply whats your name - visitor

Laugh out loud these are bare funny! - visitor

Funny! Mke mre lve this disses! Laugh out loud - visitor

Out of the 5 fattest people in the world yo mamma is 3 of them. - 956ab

Your mother is so stupid, when you look stupid up, you see your mother

Your mother is the reason why you couldn't get on the guinnest world record for stupidy

To those who didn't get it: rise your IQ before laughing at other people's mother... - visitor

Your Mamma so old, when God said "let there be light" she was the one who thru the switch - visitor

Yo mamma so domb when she was ask to go to the supper bowl she brought her big spoon - visitor

Your mamma so old, even Harry Styles wouldn't date her. - visitor

Your momma so fat that when she walks past a window and it's sunny out, we loose four days of sunlight. - visitor

She a big one
- visitor

Laugh out loud these r de best - visitor

Your mama so fat everest tryed to exsplore her - visitor


I lmfaoed I love these jokes - visitor

Laugh out loud wow yall are so slow I swear friend me on facebook love jasmine fewless
- visitor

! So funny - visitor

I am not here, but yo mama is? How is that insulting?.. - visitor

Yo mama so fat she got arested for cuasing the eartquake in china - visitor

You so skinny you make copper wire come to an end - visitor

Ok here's on for you guys... Your mother has so much dandruff... That a lice sat on her head and said wow I haven't seen this much snow in years... :) first time be nice laugh out loud - visitor

Yo mama so fat every body said there's a hippo on the lose - visitor

Yo mommas so fat she put on her yellow coat and all the kids yelled school bus! School bus! - visitor

Yo mamma messes up her makeup so bad the clowns look better - visitor

Your mama is so fat when she sat on the car she made a lowrider - visitor

Yo mama so ugly when she looked at at medusa SHE turned to stone! - visitor

A lot of good ones here. - dureckl

Class jokes off your momma so fat - visitor

Yo daddys so stupid when you asked him why he was closing one eye while watching television, he said, I'm saving electrycity. - visitor

Yo mama is so harry down there that when the kids came out they died of rugburn - visitor

Yo mamma is so ugly, the FREAK SHOW disowned her!
Sorry, wanted to add. - visitor

Hahaa! - funnyuser

You mommas so fat we have to butter her sides and put a twinkee on the other side to get her through a doorway - juju0727

Funny stuff😝😝😝 - visitor

You mama so short when she smokes weed she can't even get high - visitor