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301 The moment I saw you I started believing in monsters.

So funny and nice one but the way you so brown when you sit on the toilet the toilet said I already have enough

That is such a good insult but it is also a bit to mean and it just makes you a bully

I did use this and it's so awesome

Love this one

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302 If your brain was made of chocolate it wouldn't fill an M&M

This is really mean and really funny

OH my gosh this is pure goLD

It's a little bit good


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303 Yo mama's so fat when she went missing, she took up all four sides of the milk carton

LMAO! This is hilarious! I was laughing so hard and I'm stil laughing now XDD great job whoever came up with this one! L

This insult deserves to be in the top 20!

So funny I forgot to laugh because I don't get it.

Pretty darned good.

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304 You would look like your momma... if you grow a moustache. And some horns. And gain a few thousand pounds.

rofl xd this should do the trick (a)
imma use it everyday xO its hilarious

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305 So you're a blonde that everyone loves that has a sinless inside as white as snow.... you sound like a gay twinkie to me.

I definitely have to use on this girl at my school we used to be friends...

I got a black eye for saying this one to the toughest most stupidest kid in school yet I still love it

How is this one not number 1 I mean seriously I almost fell out of my chair laughing so hard


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306 I'm looking forward to the pleasure of your company since I haven't had it yet.

I feel the same way with this girl in my class, shes always talking about me, I wish I knew what she was saying.

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307 Your momma is so poor, she went to the wishing well and threw in an IOU

This is so funny I told this to this bully in my class and he went al speechless cause he had no comeback. On a scale of one to ten this is a ten hundred

Nice joke. It's funny huh. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest this would definitely be a 9.8374

Haha this is the funniest I used it on my friend when he was drinking a cup of milk and he cracked.

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308 Whore.

I love it it is boss

Really not much of an insult just a random word

Simple yet effective! X

Great choice of words😒

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309 With just one more brain, what a halfwit he'd be.

Laugh out loud love this comeback it's really funny I'm gonna use it on a really mean boy in my class he's always saying I don't have good comebacks so I'm gonna show him who's boss. YEAH!

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310 Yo mama's so fat she sat on a rainbow and Skittles popped out

I laugh out loud'd so much! Thanks you! I'm gonna use this on this fat bastard who constantly irritates me.

Absoulutley funny, I have to use this to my friend right now! He is standing right next to me but not watching this lmao

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311 Yo mama's so fat, when you slap her leg, you can ride the waves

I'm just- I can't-... Speechless



not bad

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312 Stop eating that pig! That's cannibalism!

That's the best one I can think of and its not a very good roast. - Oliveleaf

Or you can say fry liquid like say that the say something dumb u say fry liqud

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313 Yo mamma's so dumb she took a spoon to the Superbowl

Ha be sure to use this LMFAO man if you need a good laugh then check this out


Lmfao I laughed for so long! It killed me haha I am totally gonna use this in one of my conversations and I'm gonna tell my friends about it to

You copied that from the yo mamma channel

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314 You are as useless as a white crayon!

Absolutely Hilarious... Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a Winner...

I would say "but I blend in with the rest"

This is it this is the favorite.

This is pure genius

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315 You are a two-faced backstabbing lying little no-good selfish heartless pushy bossy mean bully of a girl!

This is from total drama island that show on Cartoon Network that aired a long while ago

This cuss would go so well with someone that I know

Good I can tell this to a girl in my class

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316 Your momma's so fat when she runs she's rolling the earth under her

Ahahahahha laugh out loud thats gotta be in the top 20 at least! I've never laughed so hard

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317 Go lay by your dish

Can't wait to use this on my sister in law! I will have to video it on post it on YouTube.

Epic! Using this one on my sister!

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318 If you didn't have feet you wouldn't wear shoes....then why do you wear a bra?

Dude. Yes. I'm a bigger girl, and my friends been giving me tons of crud for no reason! She's a twig! YOU ARE GOING DOWN TRISHA.

There's this fatass in my class and basically she's ugly, fat, hairy and short. She thinks she has boobs because of her fat but everyone knows she doesn't.

I used it on her and she got all her "Friends" to try and bitchslap me for the rest of the day. Tee-hee

Haha, I'm gonna use it to see if it really insults people but I really don't insult people and I'm not used to insulting people

No 😫, I'm guessing this is a guy that doesn't understand girls

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319 Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: To get away from you.

I will use this

Is this good? I don't even know... - Dabestanduknowit


320 When you were born your mum left you outside the orphanage and handed herself into the police

It's so cold and funny the perfect combination!

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1. Your family tree is a cactus, because everybody on it is a prick.
2. Hey, you have something on your chin...3rd one down.
3. Yo mama so fat she's got more chins than a Chinese phone book.
1. Shut up, you'll never be the man your mother is.
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