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341 Yo mom's so easy a caveman can do her

Wow, I wonder how this isn't higher up... it's my line now :P

342 You are about as brilliant and sane as Tom Cruise

I made that up... It's the most insulting thing I could think of

Tom Cruise makes $40 million a picture. I wish I was that stupid.

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343 Your face looks like someone smashed a glass bottle on it then tried to pick out the pieces with a wooden spoon

Wow that must hurt but yeah it's mean and I'm so gonna use this in school

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344 You've got more rolls then a bakery

I'm gonna diss someone with a droplip I know but instead you've got more rolls on your lip than a sausage roll/bakery!

I used this and the chick broke down crying Love it

Lol I am using this one who ever made it keep it up

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345 Yeah, you're pretty. Pretty ugly.

That is pretty good

Ooh feel the burn

Dam 99.9% of these insults are horrible to be honest
i would probably find them funny if I were 8 years old


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346 I've heard better insults in a bowl of alphabet soup

These are comebacks for a third grader to say to his "enemy"

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347 Your glasses make you look like a geek

What the heck this is horrible

This is mean and an insult. Pure rudeness.

What if the person is not wearing glasses lol


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348 You're stupid

Your so stupud when yo mam got u a fone it said"slide to unlock" u actually slid it on the floor

349 Why do you even get up in the morning?

Awesome That's great super funny I'm using it on my bros

This one is so good in a simple way

I'm loven this one

Ha that is hilarious but that is what some kids should be thinking about their sucky lives laugh out loud

350 You're so stupid you tried to make an appointment with Dr. Pepper

Lol, you used YouTube though.

I like this one I'm using it

I got my friend so good

Ha ha ha that is great try better next time😧😧😧

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351 You're as rotten as a dead chicken

That is jokes

REALLY scathing


Its funny x3

352 You're so poor I saw you kicking a can across the street I asked you what you were doing you said moving.

It's about your house. Your moving your house.

What the hell does this mean

I trolld someone with that

Solo good

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353 Ploopy!

Absolutely awesome I made my puppy's toy cry

Diary of a wimpy kid has just got, COPIED!

This is the failsafe insult. I'd only use this one if you wanna absolutely ruin someones life.

Yass kween this made mah ho Sandra cry.

354 You're such a... a... a word has yet to be invented to describe what you are. But you are one, and a big one at that.

This is tight!
I love it
Dude you guys are hardcore and making insults
Keep up the great work

This should be higher up in the list, top 50

Would be better if original

That's cold.

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355 Your face my ass, what's the difference?

The difference is my ass looks better.

There's no difference they're both ugly

You're not talking out of my face.

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356 Metal sucks. Go listen to modern music. It looks like you're born on the wrong generation.

Anyone who would use this should just off themselves - bobbythebrony

So many grammatical errors in three short sentences. But, what else should someone who was born 'on' the wrong generation expect? Dumbass!

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357 You assbutt

Nope, primary school insults won't cut it here. - Entranced98

Actually a great comeback 10/10

10/10 would use again


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358 I would play Scrabble with you but you probably don't know enough words

I would buy another mirror, but you crack every one I get

Burnt. It burnt the game.

Very good

Good one!

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359 Your so fat they have to grease the door and hold a Twinkie on the other side to get you through

And Chuck Norris has to roundhouse kick you in the butt

360 I called your boyfriend gay and he slapped me with his purse

This is really funny so using this one at school one this girl

Awesome! Used this on my ex girlfriend who is dating another kid

Say this to a boy that keeps calling you gay laugh out loud!

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1. You must have been born on a highway, because that's where most accidents happen.
2. Your family tree is a cactus, because everybody on it is a prick.
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1. Your family tree is a cactus, because everybody on it is a prick.
2. Hey, you have something on your chin...3rd one down.
3. Yo mama so fat she's got more chins than a Chinese phone book.
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