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121 You're so stupid, brain surgeons are having a hard time

Brain surgeon 1: SCREW THIS! *flips patient and leaves room. Brain Surgeon 2:...

I know a few people who deserve to receive this insult - Nerdface2000

Haha can't wait to say this one.

I'm dead.

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122 You're so hairy you look like you have Bigfoot in a head lock

I heard it as, that girls bush is so thick it looked like she has buckwheat in a leg lock.

... Oh my God, that was just overkill. Still can't stop laughing. Laugh out loud

Good one to say to girls

My entire family laughed when I said it to my sister

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123 If I had a penny for every brain cell you have I'd be broke.

If I lost a penny for every brain cell you should have but don't, I would be in more debt than Kanye.

This was copy and pasted, just like you were copied and pasted from a trash can. - dumbo

Honestly- I use this every time ma bro just Tries to insult

Best one all day

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124 You're like the universe, constantly expanding.

Bigger, bigger, woah you're so... Oh wait that's just you're flab

This is tight yo!

I just found this so funny I'm still laughing now


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125 Your house; what happend to it? Was there a stampede of crapping zebras through this dump?

Your so fat dora can't even explore you

It is called explosive diarrhea

This is the funniest one

This is awesome!

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126 Every time I look at you, I get 5 wrinkles

Comeback: Oh that's what Happend to your Face...
Or something like that, just re-word it

The animal abuse one was already posted genius

Wicked insult I'm definitely gonna use it

How about this
"Your ears are so big, even dumbo is jealous"

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127 You have a face only a mother could love

That is a compliment

I'm so using this on some blue whale

Lmfao! That's a good one!


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128 If you were a million times smarter you would be dumber than an ant

Your ass is so big it covers the whole universe

Even a stupid dumb person would be smarter than you

If you were 7.4 billion times smarter you'd be a chimpanzee

This, this is wonderful

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129 I read your story. I could pull a better plot out of my dead grandmother's butt.

This is really good but I hate it so much that the number of it should be my phone number.

Perfect for my classmates that are so terrible at writing stories.

That's so offensive in so many ways...BUT SO FUNNY

Use this on Wattpad. It's great for troll stories!

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130 Poopyhead

This is for kindergarteners

I tried this on my 15 year old brother. He didn't find it offensive just like I thought

I always used this on my annoying big brother when we were little IT NEVER GETS OLD I STILL USE IT!

Thi is the best insult anyone has ever come up with

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131 My cancer just got cured! Thanks to your ugliness, Chuck Norris cried, and his tears touched me and cured my cancer!

A guy once tried to insult me by saying: piranas will eat your fins and devour your nose. what?!

This has to be like in the top 20


ASS WIPES they might not ever cure cancer BITCHES

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132 Nice tan, orange is my favourite colour

Too funny there's this girl in my class and we hate each other I also bitchslapped her. Anyway she wears so much bronzer she looks orange this will work perfectly on her.

There's a fine line between tan and looking like you rolled in Doritos!

"you must be so rich in Vitamin C, that you looks so Orange! On your skin tone...

Carrots have far more vitamin A, so it will be vitamin A instead - Harri666


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133 Have you been to the mall lately? They're selling lives, you should get one.

People that try to argue with me have no life because they know I have always got something better to do...nim gonna use this one!

Classic insult I would use this to insult my enemy.

I would certainly say this to a boy who dares being rude to my crush

Gona use this on James he's a loner and has no life and is a fatass and an ugly ass and a big mouth

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134 The closest thing you could get to a girlfriend is a disabled donkey.

But donkeys are related to horses and horses are awesome

... Good one. Good one

So good I said it to my bullie and then we had a fight and he got suspended

Us in saying this to my friend 😎

135 If you have something to say, raise your hand and place it over your mouth. Alright?

Lmao So funny

136 Some people are just dumb. Take you for example!

This is so going to hurt somebody's feelings

Wow good job clap clap clap

This has to be the worst insult here.

137 Yo momma so fat, when her water broke she created the Pacific Ocean.

This kinda makes me not wanting to go swimming EVER again.

Haha this is really funny no lies

Why people making this when they could of said boy... yo momma so big when she sat in the toilet the ambulance had to call hulk to get her out the earth and hulk still couldn't do it


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138 Can I take a picture of you? I want to prove to my family that trolls exist.
139 I wish cancer on you and all your family.

That is like so mean! Especially if you family were affected by cancer! I would say never to use this! It is one of those things that you should o my ever use on a really really close friend...

I used to have a curable cancer and it was hell. I honestly am okay with cancer jokes though, and I make a few myself. But, to post it online so the world can see it? I'm sorry, I don't horridly dislike this, but people will get offended. You can bet your money on that, some people have actually had family members that got this disease.

Wow that's just the meanest thing I have ever read kick rocks and eat dirt!


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140 You are so ugly when you were born the doctor said I'm gonna drop it, if it falls is a rat, if it flies is a bat.

Awesome! This one's gonna hurt.. But look at the bright side I guess this one's going to blow your enemy away.

That one is great! I said it to my friend who was severely premature, she slapped me.

I have a rat and there's a bat living in my shed. I don't like this one it's basically insulting rats and bats

Loooll, that's amazing! I've GOT to use that sometime.

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1. Your family tree is a cactus, because everybody on it is a prick.
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