You must have been born on a highway, because that's where most accidents happen.


Overused, but really FUNNY! Should be number 1, this the type of joke that people spread round and gets really boring though.

I like it but make it a little bit more insulting it is for a guy in my school who is such a meany and made everyone in my class hate my twin brother today I gave him this insult:you wear three sizes;huge jumbo and oh my god it's coming towards me!

HAHAHAHAHA I used this on a girl in school and her jaw dropped and he just went "AWH! " and then I walked away with everyone following me and laughing-except the girl. ROFLOLMAO!

It's very clever; I recommend using it to someone who is a good friend of yours. I think it does not have enough 'umph' to be used as a real insult towards an enemy.

Too funny that should be number one.
This is an awesome one. I send that joke to a family member and they freaked out! Too bad I had to tell the truth.

Very demonizing and delightfully offensive. Nothing better than to undermine the target's own pathetic existence.

This just made me laugh for no joke 5 minutes its hilarious. I am now going to use this with the people I hate, hilarious, funny and dam right just wrong but in a funny way!

Now this diss is a good one can make anyone speechless, now listen to this one your so ugly that when yo father saw you for the first time he said what a waist of sperm

Come on, people, this is obviously number one! This is the greatest burn of all time. I've used it on my friend and he was so shocked it looked as if he were electrocuted! Laugh out loud!

This is a funny and beast insult. HAHAHAHAHA Everybody laugh at it when I said it. I keep on using it on people when they try to make fun of me. It defensively makes them shut up.

I am so using this on this annoying kid at my school. He thinks his insults r so great but they suck. So now I can show him what a real one is.

That is a savage one I used this on my friend when he was shaming me the dude just shut up because he knew it was over and all my other friends where like ohh

This one is hilarious! I'm going to use it on all my friends! Like when people insult me or something/someone I love this will be my insult back! I keep laughing every time I read it.

Bro, the next time some guys I don't even like, I am so going to use this line on them the next time they talk about one of my female friends when she doesn't like the attention.

It's absolutely amazing there's a really rude person in my class and this ones perfect for putting him back in his place

This insult is hilarious and always gets the attention of your opponent! I've used this one multiple times to different people and they all were speechless, classic!

When I saw this burn I went up to my brother and said "boy shut up you were born on a highway because that's where most accidents happen and that's not a burn that's a fact"

This sucks. This isn't where most accidents happen, you have no proof of it, and the real accident happens in the bed

AW DUDE! that is one good insult. Yeah, and I'm gonna use it on people in ma school because almost everyone there insult each other. GOTTA FIND MORE FOR COMEBACKS!

I love this so much I'm going to tell Derrick this and he will get a real kick out of it but u know with my fist

This is by far the best I've seen. I'm going to use this on all of my friends.

So mean just so so so mean I can't explain how mean that was to say it should be #1 that's how mean it is though I have to admit it was pretty funny on this person to say this is the best insult I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE NEVER SAY THIS TO FRIENDS EVER IN A LIFE TIME don't EVER

I will use this joke every single time because my friend has no life and future because of his parents made a huge accident of birth

I like it here's a diss I'll never forget I know some good disses to but now I'll know too many good ones especially after hearing this

I am going to use this insult on my cousin who does not know one insult. I tell her all the time to get a new insult book but she never does! I like this joke the best and I read all of them!