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21 Nationwide Nationwide

Nationwide has been in business over 87 years and has a very high claims service rating. They are awesome with claims! They are the first on catastrophy scenes and the first to pay all their claims. They are a mutual company not a stock company. That means they make decisions on what is best for the members/policyholders who are part owners in the company. Others are stock companies who are most concerned with what is best for their stockholders. Ask your agent which one your company is.

Nationwide has the best Agribusiness - complete package, compared to any other company. I was able to put my farming operation, auto, farm store, grain storage and poultry confinement under one policy. Saved significant amount of money with better coverage than I previously had with Farm Bureau, needless to say it's under one policy and not 5. And all with the same date! It is designed specifically for the "Farmer/Business owner"! Check them out you will be glad you did!

Nationwide has been a wonderful company to deal with for over 20 plus years. I have never had a issue with any claims filed over the years either under my home or auto insurances and every representative I have come in contact with have been helpful and very professional! Thank you Nationwide for never putting me through the horror stories I have heard others talk about when describing there experiences with there insurance company.

22 Geico Geico

I have my insurance for 10 years with Geico, 2 times my car was stolen and they pay with out many questions. For a personal reason I change to other company and from that I can't fine any better the GEICO. The only reason I'm not with them now is because they don't have business insurance and commercial. When you pay for insurance is not to give money for them, is for help us when we have a problem, the most of the companies don't do that and after you incident they cancel you insurance. I like Geico I wish to go back with them.

Geico's customer support is always extremely friendly! Anytime I need assistance, they are always very kind, and they want to make sure to help you with -ANYTHING- you could possibly need or want. As a bonus, they also have the best rate out there for me. But in my opinion, it's not about the rates, it's about the quality of their staff, and if they actually care about me as a customer or not. And Geico truly does.

I have been with GEICO insurance company for over 21 years and yes I have had numerous offers from other insurance company trying to offer me a better rate. But the simple truth is GEICO insurance company has proven to be there for me no matter what, and that is why I am still with them today.

I use Geico for my insurance company!

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23 Prudential Financial

Ranked second in FORTUNE's 2010 list of "World's Most Admired Companies" in the life/health insurance category, Prudential focuses on life insurance policies but also offers long term care insurance as well as asset protection insurance such as car, home, and person liability insurance policies.

The products and services are simply excellent!

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24 Primerica

Education of consumers is key to their financial landscape. PRIMERICA is the ONLY major company in America that does this as A CORE BUSINESS PRACTICE.

Their products are very competitive and customized for each client needs, especial life products that are provided on an affordable NEED BASE to fit the client's financial goals.

In addition to being a public traded company and one of the 30 outstanding companies making up the Dow Jones Index. PRIMERICA is and has been providing what American families need since 1977, integrity, product value, financial education, debt elimination, wealth building for generations and the GREATEST business opportunity in America.


The only company that I have encountered that is willing to sit down with us and educate us on insurance so that we can make the best decision. The information the rep gave matched the research I had done as well as what other consumer advocates have said. Makes me wonder how many people are being SOLD something they don't need but benefits the agent or company more than the consumer. VERY COMPETATIVE rates too! I am a Primerica client for LIFE!

So awesome! They not only provide competitive rates with quality and integrity, but the solutions they provide for financial freedom is unmatched! Truly a blessing!

Saved my financial future! Got me on the right plan for FREE! Thank God for Primerica!

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25 Generali

I've been with USAA for more than 45 years and absolutely, never had a problem with them.

Best ever very vet friendly

Would not ever consider any other insurance company. Great service, and yes, I am a veteran.

Fantastic customer service. Highly recommend if you are eligible - 45 years and counting.

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27 Progressive Progressive

Covered my vehicle and the other person. Also paid for car rental.

Had this insurance for my car for over 2 years and I had excellent service in Vero, Beach Florida. It was very easy to deal with them.


28 MassMutual
29 Auto-Owners Insurance

Insurance agent for 32 years. Auto Owners is by far the best!

Not well known, but they really do a good job

30 Zurich
31 Sunlife Insurance Company

If sunlife insurance company is included in the top ten list of life insurance

32 Unipol
33 Fondiaria-Sai
34 Chubb

The best, period.

35 Fidelity Fidelity

Primarily an investment company, Fidelity puts it's expertise to work to offer industry leading life insurance policies.

36 Pan American Life Insurance
37 Aetna
38 ING
40 Texas Farm Bureau

The best insurance company hands down!

#1 JD Power in Customer Satisfaction 5 years in a row! Find a Texas Farm Bureau agent and see the difference.

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