Best International Soccer Rivalries

This is about matches most exciting between international teams (countries) or also known as rival nations in soccer.

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1 Argentina - Brazil

Brazilians hate Argentines

In both countries are experiencing a passion for football as anywhere else

Argentina Messi

They are both great with great players and GKs.

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2 Mexico - USA

Its more than just football. These two countries hate each other for many reasons and football is the best way to compete against each other. A win for either counrty is more than just 3 points and the fans know it. Its a ridiculous atmosphere, there has to be at least 3 fights that break out in the stands during a game.

North vs south. This game goes beyond soccer, culture, race, immigration, it just all adds up. It's never a dull game with these 2 countries

This rivalry passes well beyond soccer so I would put this up to number one laugh out loud...

It is about the haves and the have nots (Mexico. USA has an economy that equales europes. USA has twice per capita than Mexico, USA took Texas and area stretching all the way to the west coast. The USA has the top sports in the hockey, baseball, hoops and football. Mexico refuses to bow to them in soccer. The yanks are bigger stronger and faster but the Axtecs play a smart, passing "beauiful game" and they usually win.

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3 France - Italy

neither made it to the fifa 2010 playoffs but still it was a good game they had in 06' - anthonybecerra831

Best World Cup final ever

4 England - Germany

Great fantastic competition between these two rivals game FIFA

Mostly a perception of the English. How much of a rivalry can it be if only one team always wins? Germanys despise lies with the Netherlands and Italy. Spain is too fresh, all the other possible candidates (Austria, Poland etc. ) don't punch in the same weight class.

this is one of the biggest for more reasons - MatrixGuy

Sorry but two world wars and one world cup

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5 Portugal - Spain

Actually Portugal vs Brazil is the total joga bonito... The beautiful soccer, these two are what soccer is about and they share the best passion for soccer. A rivalry with pleasure and fun

6 Netherlands - Germany

The Germans are very nice people. But if they play soccer, I just can't stand them. That's why I will always support the Netherlands when they play against those awful Germans.

Spitting, punching, arse wiping - and that's just on the field! This rivalry has had it all - brilliant sides, plenty of spite, big matches, controversy and of course an upset in a World Cup final. Should be higher in my opinion.

I love when these teams play each other because it is a fierce match and is always a close game and I love seeing the hatred. I am from the Netherlands so I personally love this matchup

Netherlands deserved the world cup 2010.

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7 England - Scotland

We both just don't like each over and that's why it's the biggest rivalry in the world. We hate everything about them. They hate everything about us. No matter what we will never like each over.

Scotland are no competition for us in anything. No one even hates the Scottish in England, they're just minor to us.

It's not a rivalry if one team always wins.

It's the biggest rivalry in the world... !

8 Greece - Turkey

This rivalry became interesting when both Greece and Turkey had success on international level. Greece won Euro 2004 and Turkey reached the semi-finals of the 2002 World Cup and Euro 2008.

Turkey has the upper hand in the head to head fixture as Greece only managed to beat Turkey one time in 9 games.

9 Japan - Korea
10 Denmark - Sweden

It's the battle of Scandinavia. The "beer-loving" Sanish men (Sometimes too "beer-loving") against their big bad brother across the sea. The Euro qualifier in 2007 were stopped in the end after a drunk (Obviously) Danish man ran onto the pitch and punshed the referee. The standings were 3-3 but it were later changed to 0-3 (Swedish victory). As a Swede, I think the Danish people are a bit jealous since Zlatan Ibrahimovic is from Malmö, located 30 km from Copenhagen. Bad luck Denmark...

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11 Croatia - Serbia

Political tension

12 El Salvador - Honduras

Culturally Honduras and El Salvador are the most similar compared to the rest of Central America and a fight almost always breaks out either on or off the field.

Both of them bring passion to the game and have a lot of tradition

Known as the Clasico centroamericano and it is one of the best atmospheres in world football.

13 Hungary - Romania

this rivalry I know from little distance - MatrixGuy

We don't hate each other but we still have a giant rivalrity.

This rivalry is since Transsylvania became part of Romania, after the Treaty of Trianon. Romanians hate Hungarians, and Hungarians hate Romanians. That's all.

14 Algeria - Egypt

Egypt is number 1

Egypt and Algeria actually have competition... you never know who's gna win!
Not voting for Egypt-Algeria is voting for Hosni Mubarak. --Hassan Amin, from the U.S.A.

15 Spain - Brazil
16 Germany - Argentina

Germany and Argentina will Fighting Soccer!

Maradona and Messi vs the world's best team

17 Belgium - Netherlands

Netherlands win by far

18 Australia - New Zealand
19 Indonesia - Malaysia

Both players are very fierce on the field and both supporters are very fanatic and sometimes teased each other and fight. So far my country Indonesia wins most matches.

Biggest and the baddest

One of the hottest Asian rivalries series

Crazy supporters, high tension

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20 Peru - Chile

They are the worst rivalries like they hate each other so much

War of the Pacific

21 Ireland - Northern Ireland

Most sports they unite but in soccer they are the biggest enemies

22 Cameroon - Ivory Coast
23 Austria - Germany
24 Iraq - Iran
25 China - India
26 Brazil - Italy

2 final os World Cup ismuch history.

27 UAE - Qatar
28 Italy - Germany

This should be higher, 8 combined world cups and 4 combined Euros, not to mention the match in the 2016 Euro Quarterfinal was insane. - JackShiv

29 Russia - USA
30 Trinidad and Tobago - Jamaica
31 Germany - Brazil
32 Spain - Netherlands
33 Uruguay - Paraguay
34 Russia - Ukraine
35 India - Pakistan

The triditional arch-rivals after the independence of both the country. Off-field they were good, but on field both team play in never get die spirit.

36 Spain vs Germany
37 Republic of Ireland - England

Riot at Lansdowne Road in 1995 says it all. It's more than football. It's history, culture, religion and politics.

38 England - United States

The rivalry is all about culture

39 Japan - South Korea
40 Nepal - India
41 Nigeria - Argentina
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